Zizzi Introduces High Street’s First Four Cheese Vegan Pizza

All of our vegan cheese dreams have come true as popular Italian restaurant chain Zizzi introduces its ‘Quattro No-Maggio’ to restaurants nationwide next week.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from people taking part in Veganuary is how are they are going to survive without their beloved cheese… Well, luckily, over the past few years, the vegan cheese market has flourished, and now, Italian restaurant chain Zizzi has stepped up to fill that huge four cheese pizza gap!

Next week (08/01), Zizzi is launching the high street’s first ever four cheese vegan pizza – the Quattro No-Maggio – to help first time vegans get their cheese fix this Veganuary.

The Quattro No-Maggio is topped with four distinct and complimentary varieties of vegan ‘cheese’, Mozzarisella – original, smoked, cheddar and blue. Mozzarisella is a rice-based dairy-free cheese alternative which is indulgent, rich and creamy, and even melts. Made from whole rice, using the finest organic ingredients, Mozzarisella is also rich in fibre and a range of amino acids.

The dairy-free pizza, which costs just £12.50, is being added to menus this January after Zizzi revealed that vegan meals accounted for a huge 7% of all dishes ordered in Zizzi restaurants in 2018.

Kathryn Turner, Director of Food Development at Zizzi says:

Over the past year we’ve seen vegan dishes become more popular than ever and we’re anticipating that this January will be the biggest Veganuary yet”. She added, “We hope they’ll love our first four vegan cheese pizza and hope it will help first-time vegans get their cheese fix this month. We can’t wait to hear what our customers think.”

Simon Winch, Veganuary CEO speaks for all of us here at Veganuary when he says:

We’re delighted that Zizzi is one of those companies that’s risen to the Veganuary challenge – helping us to create the change we desire and provide the product to meet the consumer demand – we can’t wait to try the Quattro No-Maggio!”

To help customers eat out for less this Veganuary, the Quattro No-Maggio pizza will be available as part of Zizzi’s special two-for-one offer on all vegan mains throughout the month to celebrate Veganuary.

Check out Zizzi’s full vegan menu here.

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