1. Policy Statement

Veganuary are committed to providing an excellent service. We take all feedback seriously and welcome constructive views on how we might improve.

As such, we strive to ensure that any complaints are:

  • acknowledged promptly
  • taken seriously and properly investigated
  • dealt with confidentially and fairly
  • responded to appropriately and in a timely manner
  • recorded clearly and securely
  • learned from

2. How To Make A Complaint

Veganuary regard a complaint to be any expression of dissatisfaction about our standards of service, our actions, or lack thereof.

If you wish to make a complaint, in the first instance, please communicate with your usual point of contact at Veganuary. If this does not result in a satisfactory outcome and you would like to escalate your complaint, please write to our COO at: [email protected] or PO Box 771, York, England, YO1 0LJ. Please specify in the subject line of your email or letter that you are making a formal complaint.

If your complaint is specifically regarding fundraising, please write to our Fundraising Manager at: [email protected] or PO Box 771, York, YO1 0LJ (please also refer to section 4 below).

Complaints should be made within three calendar months of the relevant incident. In exceptional circumstances, and at our discretion on a case by case basis, we may consider responding to an older complaint.

Please include your name and email address or postal address, so we can respond to your complaint in writing.

3. Complaints process

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days. The COO or the Fundraising Manager, as applicable, will review the details of your complaint in full and conduct an appropriate investigation. If the COO or Fundraising Manager is unable to consider the complaint, this process will be delegated to an authorised member of the Senior Leadership Team.

We will issue our formal response as promptly as possible, but within one calendar month.

If the issues raised in your complaint are complex and we require more time to properly investigate, we will keep you updated on progress (where possible and appropriate) and when you can expect to receive our formal response.

If we are not able to comment on the issues raised in your complaint (for example if the incident was beyond our control), we will confirm this to you in writing.

On rare occasions we may choose not to respond to a complaint, for example if we have already responded to the complaint and the details remain the same.

Our policy is not to respond to any complaints containing abusive or offensive language, incoherent complaints, or anonymous complaints.

4. Fundraising complaints

Veganuary is committed to delivering a high standard of service to anyone who engages with our work through fundraising. We continuously strive for best practice in fundraising and are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, compliant with the Fundraising Promise as well as the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Please follow the process set out in section 2 for any complaints related to fundraising.

Please note that fundraising complaints must be reviewed by the charity prior to escalating to the Fundraising Regulator.

If you are not satisfied with our response(s), you are entitled to raise the matter with the Fundraising Regulator at:

The Fundraising Regulator is the regulatory body for UK fundraising and can adjudicate on complaints relating to fundraising activities where the complainant and charity cannot reach a resolution.

5. Data protection and privacy

For information relating to your data or how we manage information about you, please refer to our Privacy Notice: