Corporate Outreach

With the rise in popularity of vegan eating, Indian companies have seized the opportunity to make vegan products and menus more available. A total of 140 Indian companies participated in Veganuary 2024!

Every January, retailers vie with one another to bring out more, bigger, and better vegan products and menus to capitalise on the huge popularity of Veganuary.

But our work with businesses takes place year-round – not just in January! From large multinational corporations to smaller high-street retailers, we offer support and promote their increased production of delicious animal-free items. In 2024, more than 2,100 new vegan products and menu options were launched globally during the month.

Some of the new launches in India that got us excited were Veganuary menus across 16 locations in Hilton Hotels, vegan menus in Hard Rock Cafe and Sante Spa Cuisine, three varieties of soya chaap by BlueTribe, garlic butter and chili cheese by Softspot, and Besan Halva by Plantmade. Amazon Fresh launched a vegan store in 2024, and leading retailers Big Basket and Nature’s Basket introduced Veganuary special offers.

Our corporate collaborations are making plant-based foods so prevalent and so delicious that it is now easy for anyone to choose vegan options in our key campaign countries. We are excited to keep expanding this work globally!

Workplace Challenge

Our work with businesses doesn’t stop at product and menu collaborations, we also encourage them to run a Veganuary Workplace Challenge in January. In 2024, companies like Dextrasys, Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Haleon, Cambridge University Press and Thoughtworks encouraged their staff to try vegan in January.

We think it would be wonderful if every business ran a Veganuary Workplace Challenge, so we’ve made it as easy as could be! All of the resources can be downloaded from our site, we just need you to be a Workplace Champion and bring your colleagues along for the ride!