Workplace Challenge

Will your team take the pledge?

Want to make your business or workplace healthier, happier and help the planet? The Veganuary Workplace Challenge is a fun way to do all of this and more!

It’s a simple ask, staff challenge themselves to eat a purely plant-based (vegan) diet for one month, with huge pay-off!

Plant-based diets have proven health benefits, including increased energy levels (good for productivity!), lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and it also helps to combat weight gain.

It’s the most environmentally friendly diet too. For every one million official participants who eat vegan for 31 days, 6.2 million litres of water are saved, 3.4 million animals are spared from a lifetime of suffering, and the CO2 equivalent of 1.2 million flights from London to Paris is saved.

Whether you’re an employer who wants to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, or a Veganuary participant who doesn’t want to go it alone, we have all the resources you need to run your own Veganuary Workplace Challenge.