Plant-Based Meats: The Exciting New Addition to Your Festival Menu

Plant-based meats are all set to bring about a revolution in the global food industry. The Indian plant-based meat market is not far behind with several new launches from Tata Consumer Products, ITC, GoodDot, Imagine Foods, Blue Tribe, Shaka Harry and more. It’s no surprise, as they’re better for our health, kinder to the planet and avoid animal suffering.

Another interesting thing about plant-based meats peculiar to India is that they can be consumed anywhere, at any day of the week or month. Not sure what we mean by that? Here’s what- India has the world’s largest vegetarian population. Moreover, the idea of Ahimsa (non-violence) too originated here. Many meat eaters are quite understanding and sensitive to the choice of vegetarianism. In fact, many of them are flexitarians and avoid meat on certain days of the week or months in the calendar. It’s also common for restaurants to have separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens to avoid any mix up.

Image credit: Good Dot

In light of these cultural conventions, plant-based meats are a great fit. They’re free of all such restraints. Everyone can eat them at anytime, anywhere, even during the festivals. Also, since plant-based meat substitutes are designed to be nutritionally adequate, there’s no need to pause or change your fitness routines due to dietary changes during the festival season. That’s why we think plant-based meats can be a great addition to our festival menus!

Give your recipes an interesting twist by experimenting with vegan meats. Surprise your friends and family with plant-based biriyanis, tikkas, kababs and keemas. And we hope it persuades you further to make a start towards a fully plant-based lifestyle.

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