Popular Vegan Restaurants in Bangalore

Explore a diverse world of vegan delights in Bangalore with these eight restaurants. From the wholesome offerings at Carrots Restaurant to the sustainable farm-to-table cuisine at Go Native, the city boasts a variety of vegan dining experiences. Whether you prefer the cozy ambiance of Cafe Graze or the trendy vibes of Vegan Vogue, there’s a vegan restaurant to suit every mood. Copper+Cloves combines Indian and international flavors, while Charlie Chaplin Le Vegano adds a nostalgic touch. Just Be Resto Cafe focuses on holistic vegan dishes, and The Thai Vegan Kitchen offers a unique east Asian twist.


This restaurant is a popular vegan haven known for its diverse menu of plant-based dishes. They are celebrated for offering wholesome vegan options, and great for those looking for a pocket friendly vegan dining experience.

Go Native

At Go Native, you will discover a farm-to-table restaurant with a strong commitment to sustainability and vegan-friendly cuisine. Their menu features a mix of traditional and innovative vegan dishes, making it a destination for eco-conscious foodies.

Cafe Graze

Cafe Graze is a cozy vegan cafe in Bangalore that takes pride in providing a relaxing setting for enjoying delectable plant-based dishes. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely vegan meal in a comfortable atmosphere.

Vegan Vogue

For a trendy and stylish vegan dining experience, Vegan Vogue is the place to be. This restaurant boasts an elegant ambiance and a menu that specializes in plant based alternatives and international vegan cuisine, making it a hotspot for the fashion-forward vegan diner.


Copper + Cloves offers a unique fusion of Indian and international flavors to create a delightful vegan dining experience. If you’re seeking a restaurant that marries these two culinary worlds, look no further than this gem in Bangalore.

Charlie Chaplin le Vegano

Inspired by the legendary comedian, Charlie Chaplin Le Vegano adds a touch of nostalgia to your vegan dining experience. Their menu is packed with affordable and fun vegan dishes, making it a great spot for hanging with your squad.

Just be Resto cafe

Just Be Resto Cafe takes a holistic approach to vegan food in Bangalore. They not only offer dishes that taste delicious but are also Whole Foods Plant Based, making it a place for those looking for a mindful and health-conscious vegan meal.

The Thai Vegan Kitchen

Craving Thai flavors without animal products? The Thai Vegan Kitchen specializes in exactly that. Situated in Bangalore, this restaurant offers a wide array of authentic Thai vegan dishes. You also have the option of buying fresh curry pastes, dips and sauces for Thai inspired home cooking!

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