Vegan Food Essentials (India)

Going grocery shopping for the first time as a vegan can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise on a lot, as vegan products and alternatives are now widely available in India. Here is a list of vegan food essentials that will help you transition with ease.

A selection of vegan food essentials, including nuts, fruits, vegetables and pulses. These items are common on a vegan shopping list.
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These vegan staples are also prevalent in a non-vegan diet, and are easy to find and cook. Most Indian dishes are already vegan, or can easily be made vegan with a few substitutions.

  • Tofu
  • Bread
  • Dry Pasta
  • Rice
  • Beans and lentils
  • Oats and grains
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Dry fruits
  • A selection of beans - these are vegan food essentials as they contain important nutrients.
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    Plant Milks

    Plant-based milks are better for your health and the environment, and are available with a variety of options like soy, oat, almond, hemp, etc. They have the same texture and are easy dairy milk replacements.

  • Sofit
  • Epigamia
  • Borges
  • Goodmylk
  • So Good
  • SoyFit
  • Natura by Borges
  • Oat Wow by Urban Platter
  • Borges non-dairy milk
    Image Credit: Borges

    Butters and Ghee

    These vegan ghees and butters have the same consistency and taste as dairy products and can be used as substitutes in both cooking and baking.

  • Emkay
  • Rare earth
  • Goodmylk
  • Hearth to hearth
  • Curds and Yoghurts

    You don’t have to give up on these delightful treats when you go vegan. Moreover, plant-based yoghurts are much healthier than dairy yoghurts and are easily available with major brands.

  • Goodmylk
  • Peanut Curd
  • Epigamia Yogurt
  • Axia foods cashew yogurt
  • Chetrans Curd
  • Goodmylk dairy-free products
    Image Credit: Goodmylk

    Egg Substitutes

    Have you ever tried a vegan omelette? Well, now you can. Egg substitutes from these brands look and taste just like eggs and will be a great addition to your shopping list.

  • Evo Foods
  • Plantmade
  • Meat Alternatives

    Quite a few brands offer amazing mock meats made from soy. They also have ready-to-eat curries and biryanis, along with mock fish substitutes.

  • Good Dot
  • Mister Veg
  • Vezlay
  • Soya Chaap
  • Soy Chunks
  • Good Dot vegan meals
    Image Credit: Good Dot

    Cheese and Nooch

    Cheese is always a hard obstacle when transitioning to veganism, but now there are plenty of vegan cheese alternatives available, and the market is only growing. Along with that, nutritional yeast is a great and healthy cheese alternative.

  • Katharos
  • Live Yum
  • Violife
  • UP
  • Mystic Foods
  • Violife creamy cheeses
    Image Credit: Violife

    Vegan Sweets

    Our list of vegan food essentials in India would not be complete without sweets, so we also have vegan alternatives for that. These are a few places where you can find vegan sweets.

  • Vijay sweets
  • Zoipreet
  • Cherry on Top
  • My Pure Path
  • Kadhali
  • Back to the Basics
  • Bakeart
  • JustBe
  • Grainny’s
  • Dessert Safari
  • Rare Earth
  • Haldiram’s
  • Mayonnaise and Spreads

    • Better spreads
    • Chetrans mayonnaise
    • Goodmylk mayonnaise
    • Urban Platter vegan mayonnaise
    • Funfoods by Dr. Oetker’s Vegan Mayonnaise
    Image credit: Dr. Oetker

    Ice creams and Chocolate

  • Sigalitis
  • Pipper Leaf
  • Vegan Mylk
  • Pascati
  • Mason and Co.
  • Zevic
  • Earth Loaf
  • Pacari
  • Indah
  • Daarzel
  • Jus Trufs
  • Lindt
  • Schmitten
  • Morde
  • Pascati artisan chocolate
    Image Credit: Pascati

    Ice Cream

  • Vegan Bites
  • Brooklyn Creamery
  • Vegan Hearts
  • Nomou
  • Papacream
  • White Cub
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