Corporate Outreach

The UK is now officially the world leader for vegan food launches. Mintel reports that around 16 per cent of new food products released in the UK in 2018 were vegan, which more than doubled the previous years’ output.

Veganuary is cited as being behind this upswing. South Africa is next to experience the plant-based boom with Insight Survey’s latest SA Fast Food/QSR Landscape Report in 2019 finding that consumers (especially millennials) are becoming more aware of the negative impacts of meat on their health, environment, and animal welfare — and are now demanding more vegan options across the country.

But our work with businesses takes place year-round – not just in January! From the large multinational corporations, to the smaller retailers and restaurants – we offer support and promote their increased production of delicious animal-free items. In 2022, there were more than 1,540 new vegan products and menu options launched during the month.

Our corporate collaborations are making plant-based foods so prevalent and so delicious that it is now easy for anyone to choose vegan options anywhere in South Africa.

Workplace Challenge

Our work with businesses doesn’t stop at product and menu collaborations, we also encourage them to run a Veganuary Workplace Challenge in January. In 2022 several large and influential businesses, including Harrods, Superdrug, Volkswagen Group UK and NHS Supply Chain took part and encouraged their staff to try vegan for January as well as providing more vegan options in staff canteens.

We think it would be wonderful if every business ran a Veganuary Workplace Challenge, so we’ve made it as easy as could be! All of the resources can be downloaded from our site, we just need you to be a Workplace Champion and bring your colleagues along for the ride!