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Your business and Veganuary 2024

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Veganuary is focused on changing consumer behaviours and attitudes, while providing all the information and practical support required to make the transition to veganism as easy and as enjoyable as possible throughout the month.

Millions of people have registered to try vegan with us since we started in 2014, although data suggests that many more people actually participate and try vegan in January each year. According to YouGov data, around 4% of Brits took part in Veganuary in January 2023 and a whopping 9% have taken part since 2014.

With so many more new vegans and flexitarians being created, we need businesses like yours to join us to shout about your new vegan product launches and offers so that new vegans and participants can find the best vegan options and have the best Veganuary experience.

Veganuary is the ideal opportunity post-Christmas to create a one-month campaign activation and focus on your vegan range. In 2023, over a thousand businesses took part in Veganuary, with most experiencing an increase in sales throughout the month.

Veganuary is an incredible marketing tool that can help you successfully launch your new vegan range as well as sell more of your existing vegan range! As a charity, we want our participants to have a great Veganuary journey, so we’ve created this toolkit to help you effectively take part in the campaign and attract new customers.

The Veganuary Business Support Toolkit is a guide for businesses like yours to empower you to run your own successful Veganuary campaign. It contains everything you need to understand what Veganuary is and how you can get involved.

2023 Campaign Facts


78% of participants intend to either stay vegan or reduce animal products in their diet by at least 50%


90% of those participants who aren’t committing to stay vegan are likely to try vegan again

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Almost half of participants told us they saw health improvements after just 31 days


6,800 international media stories featured Veganuary during our 2023 campaign

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$91 Billion

$91 billion is the estimated worth of the global vegan food industry by the year 2027

Workplace Challenge

Would you like a healthier and happier workplace? Sign your business up for the Veganuary Workplace Challenge and encourage everyone in your organisation to try vegan in January. We have all of the resources you need.

Company Giving

Donations from businesses help Veganuary create a positive difference for people, animals and the planet. To make a donation on behalf of a company, please use the bank details below.

Account name: Veganuary
Sort code: 40-47-31
Account number: 44868412

We’d be grateful if you could then email fundraising@veganuary.com to let us know that you have made an unrestricted donation, and providing any relevant details about the nature of the donation (e.g. if you are contributing a percentage of the sale price of a product or menu item). If you would like to discuss making a donation, please email [email protected].

If you are a business enquiring please email corporate@veganuary.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!