10 New Vegan Cookbooks to Try in 2023

These new vegan cookbooks will guide you through your plant-based journey

Whether you’re taking part in Veganuary or want to liven up lacklustre mealtimes, there are plenty of new cookbooks to inspire you.

From family-friendly recipes and speedy weeknight meals to celebration centrepieces, there’s a vegan cookbook for every need and occasion here.

1. How to Go Plant-Based by Ella Mills

If you’re a complete newbie to plant-based living, How to Go Plant-Based by Ella Mills is the perfect place to start. This isn’t just another recipe book, though.

With introductory chapters on plant-based nutrition written by experts, this evidence-based guide arms you with all the knowledge you need to make the change. There are over 100 nutritious recipes to show you how easy and healthy a plant-based diet can be, too.

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Ella Mills - How to Go Plant-Based

2. Nourishing Vegan Everyday by Amy Lanza

This stunning collection of plant-based recipes by Amy Lanza, a.k.a. Nourishing Amy, is the ultimate companion for those who are transitioning vegans or want to brighten up their plates.

From vibrant breakfast ideas to indulgent desserts, Nourishing Vegan Everyday is the perfect vegan cookbook for every occasion.

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Nourishing Vegan Everyday - Vegan Cookbook

3. The Plant-Based Crohn’s and Colitis Cookbook by Helena Rose

Going vegan when you already have dietary requirements can present all sorts of challenges. Helena Rose shares plenty of easy-to-digest recipes in The Plant-Based Crohn’s and Colitis Cookbook, based on her own experience of living with Crohn’s disease.

This cookbook includes over 70 nutritious recipes and suggestions for useful kitchen staples, as well as customisable dishes and flare-friendly recipes.

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Plant-Based Crohn's and Colitis Cookbook

4. Around the World Vegan Cookbook by Niki Webster

One of the best things about eating vegan is discovering a whole new world of flavours. Niki Webster, a.k.a. Rebel Recipes, has put together a brilliantly diverse collection of recipes inspired by her travels around the globe.

Around the World Vegan Cookbook is a great addition to anyone’s collection, whether you’re a newbie or a fully-fledged vegan. Find everything you need to feed your soul, from feasting foods and comfort classics as well as healthy breakfasts.

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Rebel Recipes Vegan Cookbook

5. Simply Vegan Baking by Freya Cox

The first-ever vegan contestant on The Great British Bake Off shares all her vegan baking secrets with us in her debut book.

Freya Cox shows that animal-free bakes are just as tasty (if not more so) with over 70 amazing recipes. Whip up everything from cinnamon rolls to meringues that will taste so good no one will believe they’re vegan!

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Freya Cox Cookbook

6. Eat More Vegan by Annie Rigg

Elevate your everyday meals with these vibrant recipes by Annie Rigg. Eat More Vegan is full of protein-packed recipes inspired by cuisines all over the world, from curries and stews to salads and sandwiches.

This cookbook is ideal for those who want to eat more veggies and maximise flavour in their meals.

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Eat More Vegan Cookbook

7. All Day Vegan by Mina Rome

Eating vegan really doesn’t need to be complicated! All Day Vegan by Mina Rome shows just how simple plant-based meals can be. Featuring over 100 straight-forward recipes, this is the ultimate vegan cookbook for those in need of fuss-free meals that don’t require being an expert in the kitchen.

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8. The Vurger Co at Home

Want to recreate your favourite dishes from The Vurger Co restaurants at home? Well, now you can! The Vurger Co at Home has plenty of simple recipes that make the transition into a vegan lifestyle so much easier.

This vegan cookbook is packed with tips and tricks for cooking tasty everyday meals, as well as fakeaway and party foods.

The Vurger Co Vegan Cookbook

9. The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Roasts by Romy London

News flash: you don’t have to give up roast dinners when you go vegan! With Romy London’s debut cookbook, you can learn how to make pot roasts, wellingtons and meatloaves and enjoy show-stopping centrepieces at celebrations or Sunday lunch.

Using some clever and creative swaps, you can make your favourite classic dishes without the cruelty.

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Romy London Cookbook

1o. The 20-Minute Vegan by Calum Harris

Looking for quick and easy vegan recipes that suit your lifestyle? Calum Harris has you covered with The 20-Minute Vegan. The social media sensation’s debut cookbook features over 80 recipes you can cook with minimal effort, from simple breakfasts to weeknight dinners.

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Looking for more reading material to help you on your plant-based journey? Check out our guide to the best vegan books.

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