Lekker Vegan Menu

Vegan Options at Lekker Vegan


  • Lekker Crispy
    Vegan chick’n patty.
  • Beyond Lekker
    Beyond Meat patty.
  • Lekker Triple Triple
    3X chick’n, 3X cheeze.
  • Lekker Cheezy
    Vegan chick’n strips.
  • Lekker Sloppy
    Vegan mince.
  • Lekker Meaty
    Vegan meaty chunks.


  • Nuggy Wrap
    Nugnuggets with vegan cheddar.
  • Nacho Wrap
    Spicy tomato nachos with vegan mince.
  • Meaty Wrap
    Meaty chunks with vegan cheddar.

Lekker Gatsby:

  • Pick Your Protein
    Beef/ Chick’n/ Mix.
  • Pick a Sauce
    Lekker lekker/ Spicy.

A massive lekker gatsby filled with slaw, fries and your chosen protein and sauce.


  • Cheezy Bunini
    Vegan cheddar cheeze.
  • Swahili Bunini
    Chick’n mayo & cheeze.
  • Beefy Bunini
    Cajun beef & cheeze.


  • Nacho Bowl
    Vegan cheddar cheeze.
  • Nuggy Salad
    Nugnuggets with cheddar cheeze.
  • Loaded Chips
    Vegan mince with cheeze sauce.


  • Chili Cheezy beefy Sticks
    With cheeze, mince and jalapeños.
  • Nugnuggets
    Vegan chick’n nuggets.
  • Meaty Kebabs
    3X vegan meaty skewers.

Lekker Chips:

  • Crispy Chips
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Chiproll


  • Apple Crumble Pie
  • Soft Serve Ice-Cream Cup
  • Chocolate Cheesecake

Thinking of trying vegan?

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