“Panarottis is proud to offer a wide range of magnifico vegan-friendly options, ensuring there is something for the whole famiglia to enjoy.

Our vegan offering includes pizzas, pastas, salads, subs, hot drinks and even a delicious Belgian vegan waffle.

You have the option to replace standard toppings like mince, steak and chicken on selected meals for delizioso vegan alternatives at no extra charge. Replace cow’s milk in our hot beverages with almond milk, absolutely free.

When browsing our menu, simply look out for the VF (vegan friendly) symbol next to the menu items that you can replace with vegan alternatives.

To find out more, visit our website and view our menu.

Panarottis. Big on Family. Big on (Vegan) Pizza.”



  • Vegan Mozzarella Bread – Garlic or herb flatbread topped with mozzarella cheese R84.80


  • Vegan Chicken & Avo Salad – Garden salad topped with Calamata olives, avocado and vegan-style chicken strips R89.90


  • Saucy Chicken – Hot or not? – Vegan chicken, tikka sauce, BBQ or home-made peri-peri sauce, assorted peppers, red onions and vegan mozzarella cheese R79.80
  • Saucy Steak – Hot or not? – Vegan steak strips, tikka sauce, BBQ or home-made peri-peri sauce, mushrooms, red onions and vegan mozzarella cheese R91.80
  • Bolognese – Hot – Bolognese mince, chillies, garlic, red onions, cherry tomatoes and vegan mozzarella cheese R80.80


  • Margherita – A traditional tomato base topped with vegan mozzarella cheese and Italian spices R94.80
  • Mexicana – Hot or not? Bolognese mince, cherry tomatoes, assorted peppers, red onions and garlic R139.80
  • Al Capone – Hot or not? Tikka chicken, red onions, cherry tomatoes and gherkins R139.80
  • Sweet chilli chicken, peppadew and pineapple – Roasted chicken, peppadew, pineapple and sweet chilli sauce R132.80


  • Spaghetti Bolognese – Slow cooked beef Bolognese mince, tossed with spaghetti R94.90
  • Arrabbiata – Hot – Tomato-based sauce with red onions, garlic and a hint of chilli, tossed with fettuccine. Served with or without Calamata olives R87.90


  • Vegan Waffle – Our famous vegan Belgian waffle made with almond milk, topped with fresh banana and drizzled with maple syrup R39.90


  • Almond milk cappuccino R25.90
  • Almond milk double cappuccino R39.90
  • Almond milk Caffe latte R27.90
  • Almond milk hot chocolate R29.90

This information is accurate on 19/01/21.

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