What is Veganuary? Everything you need to know

You may have heard the word ‘Veganuary’ being thrown around during January, but what is it and how do you take part?

Here, we answer the most common questions about Veganuary.

Evanna Lynch, Veganuary ambassador
Evanna Lynch, Veganuary ambassador

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation encouraging and supporting people worldwide to try vegan in January, and throughout the year.

Every year, we invite people to try vegan without judgement and provide plenty of resources, tasty recipes and expert tips.

Our participants enjoy the exciting and sometimes surprising benefits that come with switching to a vegan diet.

When did Veganuary start?

Veganuary was co-founded in the UK by Matthew Glover and Jane Land in 2013. The first Veganuary campaign took place in January 2014 when around 3,000 people took part.

We’ve grown exponentially since then, with millions of people taking part all over the world. We’re pretty proud of that.

Jane Land & Matthew Glover
Jane Land and Matthew Glover, Veganuary founders

How many people do Veganuary?

Since Veganuary launched in 2014, millions of people all over the world have taken part. In 2023, more than 700,000 signed up to participate in Veganuary.

Check out our campaign reports for more information.

Veganuary pronunciation

How do you pronounce Veganuary? It’s a combination of Vegan + January and we pronounce it ‘vee-gan-you-air-ee.’

The official Veganuary pronunciation has been a subject of debate for years and is arguably the most difficult part of participating. Now, we can finally put this to bed.

We’re even in the official Cambridge dictionary!

What is Veganuary? Definition of Veganuary, pronunciation of Veganuary

How to do Veganuary

  1. Simply sign up for Veganuary

All you need is your name and email address, and we’ll do the rest. Throughout your 31-day challenge, we’ll send you our exclusive celebrity cookbook, meal plans, nutritional advice, recipes, information and so much more straight to your inbox.

You’ll get everything via email so keep an eye out!

2. Eat vegan

Next, make some simple swaps to your food choices and try to eat vegan throughout January (or for 31 days after you sign up, whenever that may be).

Don’t worry if you slip up or make mistakes – we’re here to guide you through it.

Get stuck in

Enjoy the exciting products being released for Veganuary and beyond, keep an eye on our social channels for updates and announcements and get involved.

Join the conversation and feel the buzz that Veganuary brings every year globally.

Benefits of Veganuary

Does Veganuary have any benefits? Our participants think so!

Veganuary participants report all sorts of benefits in the first 31 days of going vegan and beyond, such as better skin, increased energy levels and better skills in the kitchen.

You can see for yourself with the incredible results of our six-month participant survey.

Eating plant-based for a month also has an impact on animal lives saved and the environment, as fewer animal products are being consumed. Find out more about the impact of Veganuary 2023.

Shereen, Veganuary 2020 participant, sitting on a clifftop
Shereen, Veganuary 2020 participant who saw improved athletic performance

Is Veganuary free?

Veganuary is 100% free and always will be. We provide support to everyone and anyone who wants to try vegan and that means without a price tag.

As a charity, we rely on donations to carry out our work to create a vegan world. You’re welcome to donate to Veganuary at any time, but this is completely optional.

Veganuary launches

The growing popularity of Veganuary has made it a key event in the retail calendar, something we call the ‘Veganuary effect.’ Most major food brands, restaurants and supermarkets in the UK have joined the Veganuary fun by launching new vegan products to coincide with the campaign.

In 2023 alone, more than 1,600 new vegan products and menu options were launched during the month.

Popular Veganuary launches over the years include the infamous Greggs sausage roll, Burger King’s plant-based nuggets and the Domino’s PepperoNAY pizza.

Which launches do you want to see next?!

Burger King vegan nuggets
Burger King vegan nuggets

Veganuary offers

As mentioned above, one of the most exciting things about Veganuary is the amount of buzz from brands and restaurants. Throughout January, lots of retailers have great Veganuary offers on their vegan products and menu items.

Many offers are available throughout the year too. Look for special Veganuary offers during January on our website, through emails and on our social channels.

Veganuary countries

Veganuary is now a household name in the UK, but what about the rest of the world? We’re taking everything we’ve learned and expanding it to other countries around the globe.

We have international offices in the UK, USA, Germany, India, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We also partner with like-minded NGOs in Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia and Singapore. But we don’t plan to stop there!

Some of Veganuary's international team members
Some of Veganuary’s international team members

Veganuary book

Our best-selling book ‘How to Go Vegan’ has everything you need to know about trying (and staying) vegan.

It’s the perfect resource for new vegans and those thinking about changing to plant-based. It makes a great gift too.

Learn more about Veganuary

Our mission is simple: we want a vegan world.

Find out more about us, our goals and values or learn more about getting involved with our workplace challenge, corporate collaborations and other ways you can help.

Thinking of trying vegan?

Veganuary inspires and supports people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part.
Will you join them?