Best Restaurants to Host Vegan Festivities

Going out for festival dinner with friends and family? How about getting them to try vegan!

Indian dishes

Vegan food has been gaining popularity across continents and traditional Indian vegan recipes are some of the most sought-after. There are many restaurants across the country that offer naturally vegan and veganized versions of popular Indian dishes, making it easier to eat out. Perfect to celebrate the festival season, and introduce your loved ones to plant-based eating.

We bring to you a curated list of such restaurants to host a get-together that your guests will remember. It can also be a great way to get children to learn healthy eating and an interesting conversation starter to guess how a dish might have been veganized!

1. Green Gujarat, Mumbai 

This new talk of the town all-vegan restaurant on a busy street of South Mumbai lets you escape into a gastronomic journey to Gujarat. Also carrying some Rajasthani and Parsi dishes, their menu offers nostalgic and traditional recipes triggering some delicious childhood memories if you grew up in the region.

Founded with the purpose of demonstrating how scrumptious and easy-to-prepare vegan food is, Green Gujarat also caters to large groups and accepts take-away orders. They have a seating capacity of 25 to 30 guests and offer Jain options as well.

2. Rare Earth, Mumbai 

Rare Earth is a vegan café, restaurant, bakery, and store, all in one. Ranging from continental, Indian and raw to whole foods plant-based (WFPB), Indian desserts and cakes, the variety on their menu is wide enough to satisfy even the pickiest of us.

Guests celebrate birthdays, farewells, holi parties, family get-togethers and date nights. The café offers both indoor and outdoor seating and you know what the best part is? Your pets are welcome too!

3. JustBe Resto Cafe, Bangalore

Driven by the mission to provide healthy delicious meals in an ambience that lets you ‘just be’, this quaint cafe in Bangalore has a vibe that makes you feel at home. Their spread of WFPB food with calming music uplifts your mood instantly. You can also join their cooking classes to learn interesting techniques, flavours, and innovative ways to cook plant-based meals right at home.

This is an ideal spot for large gatherings, be it family celebrations, corporate launches or even yoga workshops. The café offers custom decorations suited to your event and helps pre-plan the menu during prior tastings.

4. Loving Hut Vegan Cafe, Gurgaon

This all-vegan cafe will delight you to no end. In addition to continental mock meat dishes that are identical to their meat-based versions, their Indian menu has more than 20 dishes each better than the other. The staff and the cozy vibe make you feel very welcome, and we bet you’ll be stuffing your face before you know it. Don’t forget to check out their nan khatais, cookies and cakes too!

Many of the Southern Indian dishes are naturally vegan. Idli, sambhar, dosa, uttapam, appam and stew, coconut chutney are all made with plant-based ingredients. While some dishes may contain ghee and curd, it isn’t a hassle to make them vegan. Naivedyam, Sagar Ratna, Padmanabham are well-known restaurants in Delhi that offer great-tasting South Indian food and are happy to serve it vegan on request.

There you have it. Your next get-together is already half-planned. Start putting your guest list together and get calling. Cheers to great vegan experiences and happy times!

Thinking of trying vegan?

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