Other ways you can help

Together we are stronger

Other ways you can help

Take part in Veganuary

Vegans can take part, too!

Everyone who takes part receives daily emails that offer meal ideas, recipes, and lots of information to remind us of the importance of what we eat.

By registering, you join a worldwide community of individuals all exploring veganism together as a means of improving their own health, protecting animals, or reducing their impact on the planet. It is a wonderfully inspiring community, which offers support, advice, and friendship.

If you have taken part already, why not encourage family, friends, and colleagues to join you? It’s free to take part and everyone is welcome.

Follow us on social media

Follow us for inspirational stories, recipe ideas, and all the latest news. Share our posts, tag friends, and join our discussions. You will find us at:

Tell your story

Veganuary works with media outlets worldwide and we love to share good news. If Veganuary or veganism has changed your life, we’d love to hear about it! Email us at usmedia@veganuary.com.

Or you can tell your story directly through your own channels. Create your own social media posts, contact your local newspaper or radio station, and talk about your experiences. Don’t forget to mention Veganuary to help other people find us too.

And if you see a positive vegan news story, share it and leave a comment. If you spot a negative news story, jump in and tell the world about your own experience.

Help others go vegan

Be an ambassador for the cause! Showcase the very best of veganism and support others who express an interest.

You might bake goods for colleagues and share the recipes, invite non-vegan friends for their first fancy plant-based dinner, or organize local meet-ups for vegans and the v-curious. Not only will you be helping others see just how great vegan food can be, you will have a great night out, too!

If you’re ready to fly the vegan flag, why not become a Veganuary Champion and encourage your company to run its own Veganuary Workplace Challenge to encourage everyone in your organization to try vegan in January!