What we do

Veganuary is more than just a pledge

About Veganuary

Who we are

Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have signed up to our one-month vegan pledge since 2014, and in 2024 alone more than 2,100 new vegan products and menu options were launched in our key campaign countries.

Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.

Over the next five years, we aim to make powerful strides toward a world where vegan is the norm rather than the exception. Read our 5-Year Strategy to find out how.

Campaign Reports

Veganuary is so much more than just a one-month vegan pledge! Read our Campaign Reports to discover the impact our work is having around the world.


Our vision is simple; we want a vegan world.

A world without animal farms and slaughterhouses. A world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate climate change, and drive wild animal populations to extinction.

Our mission is to inspire and support people to try vegan, drive corporate change, and create a global mass movement championing compassionate food choices with the aim of ending animal farming, protecting the planet and improving human health.

Our values

Impact: We are committed to a vegan world; we will utilize research to evaluate how the highest number of lives can be spared and direct resources to that end. 

Empowerment: We will optimize our outreach to support and encourage people on their vegan journey in a non-judgmental, positive, constructive, and easily accessible way. 

Collaboration: By partnering with other mission-driven organizations and working closely with businesses, we will make a bigger difference. 

Diversity and inclusion: We know that it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds to achieve our vision; we appreciate the value of this and how it brings us closer to achieving our mission. 

Respect and integrity: In all internal and external relationships, we will strive for genuine, honest, and transparent communication. 

Resilience: We will continue to create a professional and sustainable (human, social, economic, and environmental) organization.