With all its fresh veggies, Subway’s vegan option is super customizable!


The Veggie Delite® sub is vegan:

  • Choose from Artisan Italian (White), Artisan Flatbread, Hearty Multigrain, or Sourdough breads
  • Or try as a wrap using Spinach or Tomato Basil wrap options
  • Load up with as many veggies as you want
  • Add dressings – choose from buffalo sauce (more vegan than it sounds), yellow mustard, sweet onion sauce, sweet onion teriyaki sauce, oil, red wine vinegar
  •  You can always add your own extra fillings (sliced or smashed avocado)
  • If your Subway carries the Malibu Veggie Patty- that’s vegan too!


  • All Subway subs can be made as salads instead of subs – you just lose the bread.


  • Black Bean


  • Chips
  • Applesauce

Is Subway bread vegan?

Subway’s Artisan Italian (White), Artisan Flatbread, Hearty Multigrain, and Sourdough bread are all vegan-friendly!

Updated June 2022

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