Pick n Pay’s Vegan Essentials Guide

How Pick n Pay is helping vegans across SA!

Eating vegan has never been easier! Thank you Pick n Pay for making Veganuary accessible, affordable and enticing. With delicious food that is convenient and appetising!

As one of SA’s much-loved retailers, with a range that now caters to even more South Africans than ever before, we are super excited to showcase products that will keep you well-fed without breaking the bank… Read more to find out!

Pick n Pay Brand Products:

  • Nut milk coffee: A delicious drink to enjoy on the go!
  • Almond milk chocolate: Great for kids, or for anyone that appreciates deliciousness.
  • Almond milk chai: A little spicy and a little sweet.
  • Chickpea & corn bites: Yummy little snacks that are packed with protein and fibre!
  • Chickpea & corn sliders 9 each:  For when you want a delicious burger, but with none of the guilt.
  • Roasted veg & chickpea couscous steamer
  • Plain tofu: Great in stir-fries, sweet treats and soups!
  • Coconut curry tofu
  • Black sesame tofu

Kauai Products:

  • Tropical greens
  • Earth’s protein
  • Strawberry stinger: A classical favourite, full of sweetness and full of zing!
  • Sea monster
  • Very dairy
  • All the greens smoothie: Get your greens for the day packed right into a cup, delicious and nutritious!
  • Protein powder – Kauai vegan vanilla: Simple but delightful, vanilla is one of those flavours that always was and always will be.
  • Protein powder – Kauai vegan strawberry: Because what’s better than fresh berries in a cool smoothie in summer?
  • Kprotein powder – Kauai vegan cocoa: This smoothie is rich in protein and healthy antioxidants, all tied together with some chocolatey goodness!


  • Winter nourish veggie stew
  • Mexi veggie bowl: Spicy and exceptionally delicious with some nachos!
  • Garden cottage pie: Hearty and comforting for those cold winter nights.
  • Thai curry with coconut lime rice: A little something fresh and different, Thai food is a winner for most, but this vegan dish is beyond delicious!


All these products are carb-clever, protein-rich, and affordable too!

  • Red lentil penne
  • Red lentil spaghetti
  • Yellow lentil lasagne
  • Chickpea fusillini

Plant-milk products:

  • Almond breeze milk original
  • Almond breeze milk unsweetened
  • Dolce vita non dairy fudge ice cream
  • Dolce vita non dairy vanilla ice cream
  • Dolce vita non dairy chocolate ice cream
  • Violife cheddar slices: Pre-packed for your convenience.
  • Violife original slices
  • Violife dairy-free cheese slices with herbs: Because herbs make everything better!
  • Violife dairy-free parmesan cheese wedge: Perfect grated onto some of that red lentil pasta with a classic Pomodoro sauce, Bellissimo.
  • Violife dairy-free greek white cheese: To complete your greek salads and give them that salty deliciousness.
  • Violife dairy-free mozzarella: Because pizza is always better with some cheese on top.
  • Violife dairy-free tzatziki: Grab some Fry Family Food Co. Falafels and top them off with this delicious Mediterranean condiment!

The Fry Family Food Co. Range:

Of course, no shopping spree is complete without one of The Fry Family’s amazing vegan products!

  • Fry Family Vegetarian Polony: Make stews more flavourful, fry it up and put it on a breakfast sandwich, this product’s versatility knows no bounds!
  • Fry Family Traditional Sausages:  These sausages are a classic, fry them up and enjoy the authentic flavour and texture with none of the meat.
  • Fry Family Falafel Balls: Perfect in pita bread with some healthy pickled cabbage and Violife tzatziki on top!
  • Fry Family Roasted Butternut: One of our favourite vegetables made even better, give these a go and you won’t regret it.
  • Fry Family Sausage Rolls: Crisp and light on the outside, yet flavourful and filling on the inside, nothing beats some sausage rolls with a little tomato sauce as a snack!
  • Fry Family Korma Curry Pieces: These are something a touch more exotic… mild and delicious, Fry Family Korma Pieces are amazing in a thick roux over some freshly steamed basmati rice.
  • Fry Family Spicy Sausage: For when you need that extra zing, these sausages are delightful as vegan chorizo over some spicy arrabbiata pasta.
  • Fry Family Mushroom Pies: Pies, pies, pies! Pastry and gravy, need we say more? Bake these in the oven and you have yourself one satisfying meal.
  • Fry Family Braai-Style Sausages: Join the family around the fire, but don’t miss out on any of the delightful smoky food that usually comes with a Sunday braai, grab some of these and you’re all set!
  • Fry Family Original-Style Burgers: Buns, lettuce, mayo, tomato, onions… and a juicy burger patty to tie it all together. Fry Family burger patties come in a range of styles, but we recommend the purists approach.

Pick n Pay‘s assortment of vegan and plant-based groceries are fantastic! Pop in and find all of your food essentials in one place. Pick n Pay has everything you need for your next bangin’ meal!

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