Moroccan-Style Lentil, Chickpea, and Kale Soup

Clea Grady

Prep Time: 20M
Cooking Time: 50M
Serves: 2

An easy weekday dinner, and fabulous the next day as a leftover lunch; this really is one of my favorites!



  1. Good slug of olive oil
  2. 1 x large onion (red or white, whatever you prefer/have in the cupboard)
  3. 3/4 big cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  4. A good chunk of ginger, peeled and diced finely (about the same amount in total as the garlic)
  5. 1 x large lemon
  6. Teaspoon of cumin
  7. Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  8. 3/4 sundried tomatoes from a jar (chopped as finely as you can get them)
  9. Handful of cherry tomatoes
  10. 1 x cup of red lentils
  11. 1 x can of chickpeas
  12. 1 x can of chopped tomatoes
  13. Good few handfuls of kale, washed and chopped
  14. 2 x cups of vegan veggie stock (I use Bouillon)
  15. 1 x cup of water
  16. Cracked pepper to taste

An easy weekday dinner, and fabulous the next day as a leftover lunch; this really is one of my favorites!


Serves 2-4 (we have big bowls, so it could easily stretch further if needs be - but in all honesty I think it serves 2 as a main meal if you want leftovers the next day, which I really recommend!) A really good soup pan is great for this recipe. I have a fake Le Creuset, which does exactly what it needs to, but at a fraction of the price. If you haven't got one then I recommend it, or the real deal if you have the cash, as I make almost everything in it. Obviously a big ol' saucepan will do for this as well.


Moroccan Lentil, Chickpea and Kale Soup. A hearty vegan soup, packed full of protein.

I’m a bit of a chuck-it-in-and-taste as I go kind of girl, so please forgive the lack of ‘absoluteness’ with this recipe. But this really is a soup you will make your own, so adapt the flavors to suit your own tastes. I like spicy food, so maybe go easy on the cayenne for the first run…

  • Put some olive oil in a pan and get it on a low heat
  • Chop up your onion and chuck in the pan
  • Chop/mince up your garlic and ginger and add to the pan
  • Add the cumin and cayenne and stir well
  • Wash your lemon and chop into fairly chunky slices – I pretty much use the entire lemon as I just love the flavor, but you may want to use three slices to begin with – and add to the pan
  • Add the finely chopped sundried tomatoes and mix in
  • In a separate bowl, wash your lentils and drain – set aside
  • In a colander, empty 1 tin of chickpeas and wash well
  • Add the lentils to the pan and mix well
  • Add the chickpeas to the pan and mix well
  • Cut your cherry tomatoes into quarters and add to the mix
  • Open a can of chopped tomatoes and pour into the pan – mix well
  • In order to get out the remaining tomato/juice from the can, fill with cold water and pour into the pan (roughly 1 cup of water)
  • Add enough water to the kettle for two more cups and switch on
  • Mix up your veggie stock and add to the pan
  • Mix well and cover with lid, leave covered for approximately 10 minutes (this gives you time to tidy/wash up what you’ve used so far)
  • Put kale in colander and wash. Leave on side, ready for later
  • The soup needs about 20/30 mins to thicken (lid off), and needs stirring every now and then. It should be simmering hot, but not boiling
  • When you are happy that it’s pretty much ready, roughly chop your kale and add to the soup
  • Simmer for an additional 5 minutes or so and then your soup is ready to serve
  • Add pepper to taste or for garnish
  • Dig in!

This is lovely served with Violife cheese on hot/toasted ciabatta, and makes a delicious filling lunch the next day. Packed with flavor, protein and goodness, this is a soup I make as soon as I feel the hint of a sniffle… Add extra cayenne, garlic and ginger to blast that cold right away!

A special mention to Four Corners Lentil Soup, which was the original soup my lovely friend brought round and the inspiration for this recipe.




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