Wicked Bruce Lee Burger

Wicked Kitchen Jalapeno Burger



2 Wicked KitchenTM Jalapeno Burgers

2 vegan burger buns

2 slices vegan cheddar

Wicked KitchenTM Garlic Mayo With Caramelized Onion (to taste)

Wicked KitchenTM Sriracha Sauce (to taste)

Wicked KitchenTM Asian Style BBQ Sauce (to taste)

Your favorite Asian slaw

Thinly sliced cucumbers

Optional: 2 whole jalapenos

It’s Grilling Season! Kick things off with a Wicked Kitchen take on the popular “Bruce Lee Burger.” Look for Wicked Kitchen products at Kroger and Sprouts or use the Product Finder here.


  1. Grill up a couple Wicked KitchenTM Jalapeno Burgers (use charcoal for smoke!)

2. While you’re at it, toast a vegan burger bun on the grill

3. Lay some vegan cheddar on the patties until it softens

4. Then spread some Wicked KitchenTM Garlic Mayo With Caramelized Onion on your bottom bun (hey now!)

5. Spread some Wicked KitchenTM Sriracha Sauce on top of the mayo—Boom! It’s Sriracha Mayo!

6. Layer on thin sliced cucumbers, a cheesy Jalapeno Burger patty, a glug of Wicked KitchenTM Asian Style BBQ Sauce, then another cheesy Jalapeno Burger patty, some Asian slaw or shredded lettuce, some more Asian Style BBQ Sauce, then finally crown that champ with the toasted top bun!

7. Extra points: Grill a whole jalapeno and skewer it to the top

8. Now get after it! Lay into that brawny sandwich like the grill hero you are—no killing necessary!


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