Banana, Vanilla, Choc-Chip Ice Cream


Banana, vanilla and choc chip ice cream
Prep Time: 250M
Serves: 2

The easiest way to make vegan ice-cream!

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  1. 3 frozen bananas
  2. 1 tbl Non-dairy milk
  3. 1 tsb Coconut butter
  4. 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  5. Generous handful of dark chocolate chips

The easiest way to make vegan ice-cream!


Put the bananas in the freezer at least 4 hours in advance.

Throw the (peeled) frozen bananas into the blender along with the non-dairy milk (I prefer almond), coconut butter and vanilla extract and then blend until smooth. Add in the choc-chips and stir by hand and serve…

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