Basil poached peach, with vegan banana, rooibos and pumpkin ice cream

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  1. Vegan banana ice-cream:
  2. – 1kg frozen bananas
  3. – 3 cups water
  4. – 18 rooibos teabags
  5. – 180g coconut cream powder
  6. – 1kg cooked pumpkin, juiced
  7. – 1 ½ cup brown sugar
  8. Basil poached peach:
  9. – 8 peaches washed and halved and de-pipped
  10. – 250g fresh basil
  11. – 1-1.5 litres water

Our gorgeously delicious Vegan Ice Cream with Poached Seasonal Fruit Dessert – in this case, we used Peaches (all stone fruits work well, or pears, or apples BUT must be seasonal).

So the story behind this – is that our First-Year Students put together a POP-UP DINNER as a showcase under our guidance.

Our ethos is about “thinking twice” – including the Plant-Based Lifestyle, Ethical Eating and Sustainability – so this was the theme for the POP-UP DINNER.

Our starter was Plant-Based, Our Amuse Bouche was Vegan and our Dessert was Vegan. So Hats off to our students for these scrumptious creations.


Vegan banana ice-cream

Heat coconut cream in a small pot on very low heat (5 min)

Put the rooibos tea leaves from the rooibos tea bags into the hot coconut cream and let steep for 30 minutes

Reduce the pumpkin juice with the sugar until a syrup consistency (10 min)

Mix the frozen banana in the food processor until creamy (5 min)

Strain the rooibos tea leaves from the cool coconut cream, and beat the cream until foamy (5 min)

Mix the cream into the bananas and then slowly add the coconut cream powder (5 min)

Put the ice cream into a container, and gently pour the syrup into the ice cream and swirl it around with a spoon until partially incorporated. Freeze until serving (minimum 3 hours).


Basil poached peach:

Heat water, basil and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Poach the peach in the liquid (10 min)

Grill peach until browned (10 min)


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