Herbie Roasted Potatoes — Hedgehog style!

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Herby Roasted Potatoes
Prep Time: 21M
Cooking Time: 60M
Serves: 4

Crispy, herbie goodness!

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  1. Oil, enough to coat the potatoes
  2. 400g of potatoes
  3. 1 tbsp of Curcuma or paprika
  4. 6 sprigs of fresh thyme or about 2tbsp of dried thyme
  5. 1 stick of fresh rosemary or 1tbsp of dried rosemary
  6. Salt and pepper

Crispy, herbie goodness!


As a side for four people:

Chop the potatoes in half. Place the halves on the chopping board and cut strips half way down along the potato.

Once all the potatoes are done place in a big mixing bowl with the spices and oil. Using your hands coat each potato, making sure that oil goes into the crevices.

Place in a baking tray and put in the oven at 170C°. The cooking time depends on the size of the potato, but it is normally between 30min and an hour. Every 10minutes or so it is good to shake the baking tray to make sure that the potatoes are not sticking.

Et voila! The finished result: crispy, herbie goodness : )

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