Pigless Rolls

Chrissie’s Greedy Gob

Prep Time: 10M
Cooking Time: 25M
Serves: 4

Perfect quick and easy finger food to take to parties!

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  1. Ready rolled or a block of puff pastry or homemade puff pastry if you are up to it!
  2. One box of Granose (or other) dried sausage mix

Perfect quick and easy finger food to take to parties!


  • Roll out or take out the pastry and slice into sections. Cut into long strips of around 10cm in width.
  • Make up the sausage mix as per the packet and place spoonfuls on the mix in a line, just off centre, on each strip of pastry. Don’t over fill, as you’ll have trouble closing up the pastry.
  • Fold the pastry over the top of the sausage mix, pressing shut the two edges with a fork. You can prick the pastry in top for some decoration too if you fancy.
  • Cut into around 8cm individual bites. It doesn’t have to be precise but just make sure they aren’t too small as you’ll end up with sausage bullets!
  • Cook on a baking tray for around 25 mins, or until golden brown. Make sure you give each one a little room as they don’t cook through and rise properly if they are squashed together.
  • They are most delicious eaten warm.

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