Soba Noodle Salad

Prep Time: 10M
Cooking Time: 10M
Serves: 1

Soba are buckwheat noodles, and can be cooked in many ways.

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  1. 1 pack soba buckwheat noodles
  2. ½ cup shredded carrots
  3. 1 yellow bell pepper, cored and julienned
  4. 1 small cucumber, julienned
  5. For the dressing:
  6. 3 Tbsp soy sauce
  7. 2 Tbsp brown rice vinegar
  8. 2 Tbsp mirin
  9. 1 tsp sesame oil
  10. 1 Tbsp toasted black sesame seeds
  11. Garnish (optional):
  12. Handful bean sprouts
  13. A little grated red cabbage

Soba are buckwheat noodles, and can be cooked in many ways.


  • Boil soba noodles, following the package instructions. It usually takes around 8 minutes to boil soba.
  • Drain and cool soba noodles in cold running water. Drain well and set aside.
  • Mix all the ingredients for dressing in a small bowl.
  • Place soba noodles, carrot, yellow bell pepper, and cucumber in a large bowl.
  • Pour the dressing over them and mix well.
  • Sprinkle with the black sesame seeds. You can also add bean sprouts and a little grated red cabbage for extra colour and texture!

Variation: Add tofu for a more filling meal.


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