Vegan ‘Rolo’ Chocolates

Blueberry Swirl

Prep Time: 90M
Cooking Time: 20M
Serves: 12

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  1. 8.8oz (250g
  2. 2 cups) vegan chocolate
  3. 8oz (200g
  4. 1 cup) granulated white sugar
  5. 2tbsp Vitalite (or any vegan margarine)
  6. 6tbsp of your preferred plant-based milk
  7. 1tsp vanilla paste

Hold onto your socks, guys and gals, because these ooey, gooey, delicious caramel chocolate cups are going to knock ’em off! These sweet treats are a surefire way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


1) Heat the sugar gently over a low heat and stir ever 10 – 15 seconds. As the sugar heats, it will clump up and go lumpy so don’t worry because you’re not doing anything wrong! Stick with it and it will gradually begin to melt.

2) The sugar should have all melted within 5 – 10 minutes and as soon as it has melted and turned golden in colour, remove from the heat.

3) Carefully add the margarine and stir well to combine. It will spit to be sure not to get caught by the melting margarine.

4) Once this has melted and been stirred in, do the same with the milk and sugar.

5) Remove to a heat-safe jar and pop into the refrigerator to cool (you can stick it in the freezer for the first 10 minutes or so if you are in a rush for it to cool).

6) Whilst the sauce is cooling, melt your chocolate and brush the insides of the moulds with the melted chocolate. Put them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to cool and firm.

7) Once your sauce is cooled and thickened ready for use, fill the moulds but be sure to leave a small gap at the top for you to encase the caramel with chocolate.

8) After filling the moulds with caramel, finish by covering with the remaining melted chocolate and be sure to fill in any gaps.

9) Cool in the fridge for 30 minutes – 1 hour and then they are ready to eat.

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