Veganuary 2022 saves over 2.16 million animals in just one month

8th March 2022 – Veganuary, the global organisation encouraging people to try vegan in January and beyond, has today released its 2022 campaign review. Highlights from the report include:

  • More than 629,000 people signed-up from 228 countries and territories which included every country in the world except Tajikistan and North Korea (where the internet is banned)
  • Together they spared more than 2.16 million animals from suffering in just one month*
  • At least 1,561 new vegan products and menu options were launched globally during January
  • More than 4,351 international media stories were published about Veganuary
  • Veganuary’s social media channels had a combined reach of 374 million
  • More than 19.6 million support emails were sent to Veganuary participants

Read the full campaign review.

Founded in the UK in 2014, Veganuary has been increasing its global reach for several years; opening offices in the US, Germany and Chile in 2019; Argentina and Brazil in 2020; and India in 2021.

This year – for the first time – more people signed up in the US than any other country, with the UK a close second.

Also in the top ten countries for 2022 were India, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia – making Latin America the region with the most Veganuary participants just a few years after the charity began working there.

Commenting on the incredible impact of Veganuary’s 2022 campaign, Ria Rehberg, Veganuary’s CEO, says:

“At Veganuary we share one common dream: We want to live in a vegan world. A world without animal farms and slaughterhouses. A world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate climate change, and drive wild animal populations to extinction. A world where everyone is able to enjoy an endless variety of delicious and nutritious foods while protecting the planet and animals.

And while it will take the effort of countless people, organisations and initiatives to make this dream a reality one day, each January, I can feel us get a step closer to that vision. Veganism isn’t standing in the corner anymore; it’s become a popular choice that many of the world’s largest food businesses are embracing as the big new thing.

We do have a long road ahead, but each year we are getting a few steps closer. Today we celebrate the millions of people who have chosen plant-based, the thousands of media outlets showcasing the benefits of a vegan diet and the hundreds of businesses who are embracing the future.”

Media contact

Toni Vernelli, International Head of Communications, Veganuary

T: 07505 866 548

E: [email protected]


*Based on the Vegan Society’s Veganalyser calculator and Veganuary participant data including geographical location and pre-pledge diet

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