A Guide to the Best Vegan Sausages (Us)

From chorizo to hotdogs, in today’s market, there are tons of vegan sausage brands to choose from!

Switching to plant-based sausages has never been easier or more delicious. The array of meat-free sausages available in supermarkets is so impressive that it’s difficult to decide which to go for.

Whether you love fiery flavors or mild and meaty options, there’s a plant-based sausage for you. Our ultimate vegan sausage brand guide covers all types of sausages for whatever flavor you’re craving. Perfect for throwing on your vegan barbecue, eating with your stir-fries, or simply for snacking!

Beyond Meat

Packed with protein, these meatless sausages are sure to seamlessly replace meat in your favorite dishes. Recreate classic meals like toad in the hole or throw them on the grill at your next summer barbecue.

Beyond Meat sausages are also free from soy and gluten.

Available at most major retailers.

Beyond Meat Vegan Sausages
Image Credit: Beyond Meat

Field Roast

Field Roast has three different mouthwatering flavors of traditional sausages, Bratwursts, and smaller sausage links perfect for breakfast sandwiches. They pride themselves on their bold flavors and real ingredients to take must-indulge-now recipes to the next level.

  • Smoked Apple and Sage Plant-Based Sausages
  • Italian Garlic and Fennel Plant-Based Sausages
  • Spicy Mexican Chipotle Plant-Based Sausages
  • Caramelized Onion and Beer Plant-Based Bratwursts
  • Apple and Maple Plant-Based Breakfast Sausages

Available at most major retailers.

Image Credit: Field Roast

Frieda’s Soyrizo™

This pre-cooked, soy-based plant-based meat alternative is an exciting blend of spices that gives Soyrizo™ a Southwestern taste of the Southwest, just like Mexican chorizo. It can be easily added to scrambled eggs, chili, potato hashes, tacos, casseroles, or nachos. Plus, it’s vegan, gluten-free, nitrite-free, non-GMO, and has no preservatives!

Available at Target and Walmart.

Image Credits: Frieda’s


Packed with 16g of protein, Gardein’s Bratwurst Plant-Based Saus’ges are a rich blend of warm spices that complements the savory meaty flavors used in these plant-based bratwurst saus’ge links.

Image Credit: Gardein

Impossible™ (Made From Plants)

Impossible™ dinner links are designed to have the savory taste of regular sausage including an edible plant-based casing so they sizzle like animal sausage. These links can be cooked and eaten as-is, or added to your favorite recipes. They’re packed with nutrition, contain an impressive amount of protein, 0mg of cholesterol (16-17g total fat, 7-8g saturated fat per serving), no added nitrates and nitrites, and are 30% lower in total fat compared to the leading pork sausage link. 

  • Impossible™ Sausage Bratwurst
  • Impossible™ Sausage Italian
  • Impossible™ Sausage Spicy

Available at most major retailers.

Image Credit: Impossible™


For over forty years, Lightlife has been creating high-quality, plant-based foods that taste as great as they make you feel. Their plant-based meats are packed with protein and quality nutrients to fuel your day, without leaving you feeling weighed down or sluggish.

  • Lightlife Sausage, Chorizo
  • Lightlife Sausage, Italian
  • Lightlife Gimme Lean Sausage

Available at most major retailers.

Image Credit: Lightlife

Meatless Farm

Made from their signature pea protein recipe, Meatless Farm has created two versatile sausages that can be perfectly paired with piles of mashed potato and lashings of gravy, or be made the star of the show in a tray bake. They are 100% plant-based, high in protein, gluten-free, and soy-free.

  • Plant-Based Pork and Apple Sausages
  • Plant-Based Chorizo-Style Sausages
  • Frozen Plant-based Sausages

Available at Whole Foods.

Image Credit: Meatless Farm

MorningStar Farms®

Since 1974, MorningStar Farms® has been creating plant-based alternatives that are tasty, easy to heat-n-serve, and can be found in the freezer section at stores nationwide.

  • MorningStar Farms® Veggie Corn Dogs
  • MorningStar Farms® Veggie Dogs
  • Incogmeato® Plant-Based Pancake and Sausage on a Stick
  • Incogmeato® Plant Based Blueberry Pancake and Sausage on a Stick

Available at Whole Foods.

Image Credit: MorningStar Farms


Tofurky has an impressive selection of plant-based meats and has been proudly on the market for many years. Their sausages are high in protein and boast a clean ingredient list with high nutritional value.

  • Plant-Based Sausage, Chorizo
  • Plant-Based Sausage, Mango Chipotle
  • Plant-Based Sausage, Beer Brats
  • Plant-Based Sausage, Italian
  • Plant-Based Sausage, Kielbasa

Available at most major retailers.

Image Credits: Tofurky

Upton’s Naturals

Made with quality ingredients, including favorite Chicago seasonings such as yellow mustard seed and celery seed, what really sets this dog apart is its algae-based coating and unique curing process that adds a snap. The Updog is an excellent source of protein, is cholesterol-free, and has no added sugars or artificial flavors.

Available at Whole Foods and other regional supermarkets.

Image Credit: Upton’s Naturals

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