Vegan Drive-Thru to Open in California

A new vegan Fast Food Drive-Thru is set to open for business in swanky Long Beach.

Plant Power Fast Food, which states it is the ‘future of fast food,’ has a mission to educate people about how delicious plant-based food can be.

Plant Power currently has two outlets in California and opened its first Plant Power restaurant in San Diego in 2016. Their flagship outlet even features a living patio, where vegetables destined for the restaurant are grown.

Veganising Fast Food

The new outlet will offer a menu featuring burgers, vegan milkshakes, buffalo ‘chicken’, chili ‘cheese’ fries, salads, wraps, desserts. It also offers a kid’s menu for the vegans of the future! What’s more, their entire menu is GM free, with no artificial flavours, hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup – all of which can be notoriously high in regular fast food. They use only compostable packaging.


The success of this chain demonstrates this is what Americans want. A recent report by Neilson found that 40% of Americans are trying to include more vegan food into their diet. Sales of plant-based food and beverages increased in USA by almost 15% during 2016/17.

Vegan Fast Food in the UK

Where America leads, we are bound to follow – look at the Starbuck’s Drive-Thrus springing up like mushrooms all over the UK. Following success Stateside and after experimenting with 10 Drive-Thrus, Starbucks hope to increase this to 200 stores over the next 5 years.

A number of vegan fast-food restaurants have sprung up in the UK recently too, so it looks like as a nation we’re ready! Vegan chain by Chloe, for example, which started in New York City, has recently opened a branch in London.

Vegan food
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Accessibly Vegan

So if your idea of vegan eating is a time-consuming detour to a greengrocer to pick up a paper bag of expensive, misshapen, muddy vegetables waiting to be scrubbed, think again. The future really is vegan fast food.

Check out our eating out guide to see where you can get your vegan-burger on!

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