Is Eating Out Impossible As A Vegan?

Maybe if you were going out to eat in the 1940s 😉

Eating out as a vegan is entirely possible, in fact it’s extremely easy in towns and cities right across the world, and the choice is growing all the time.

Unsurprisingly, cities offer the best options. If you check Happy Cow, the go-to site for hungry vegans, you’ll find 40 vegan restaurants in and around Paris, 62 in London and 22 in Melbourne. Vancouver boasts 29 while New York has 118. All 100% vegan.

And you’ll find many more vegetarian restaurants with plenty of vegan options, as well as typical high street and chain restaurants that have vegan options, or full vegan menus. These include: Zizzi, Pret, Leon, Pizza Express, All Bar One, the Handmade Burger Company and Yo! Sushi in the UK; The Daily Grill, Del Taco, The Cheesecake Factory, Denny’s, Jason’s Deli, Kona Grill, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks and Taco Bell in the US; Teriyaki Experience, Hero Burger, Harvey’s, Extreme Pita, Just Falafel, Subway, Magic Oven, Panago Pizza, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Tim Horton’s in Canada; and Montezuma’s, Sushi Train, Sumo Salad, Subway, Domino’s and Lord of the Fries in Australia.

It’s not just the big cities that are offering a great range of vegan foods. You’ll find vegan menus and restaurants in some places you wouldn’t expect. Check Happy Cow to find restaurants near you. It’s not an exhaustive list – you’re likely to find many more options than are listed – but it is a great place to start.

And it’s not just the chains feeding vegans, independent restaurants are also doing their bit. Many will have something vegan already on the menu, or some dishes that could be adapted quite easily. It’s worth contacting a restaurant you don’t know ahead of visiting to ask as often the chef will create something specially for you if there is nothing immediately obvious.

In Chinese, Thai, Indian and Mexican restaurants, vegan food is easy to find. (Just check there is no ghee in Indian foods, and no fish sauce in Thai.) This means finding food in any town is not difficult. And with increased awareness of veganism, as well as food allergies, cafés, bakeries, bistros, pubs and restaurants are likely to have something delicious you can eat.

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