Veganuary 2021 anticipating record sign-ups

Veganuary returns to the US as it celebrates securing 1 million pledges to go vegan for January since its launch in 2014  

For release 1st Dec, 2020

Veganuary, a global organization encouraging people to try vegan in January and beyond, is returning to the United States in 2021 for its second year following massive success last January. The campaign is urging everyone to help build a better future by signing up to try vegan, noting that this new year – more than any other – is the time for positive change.

More than one million people have already completed Veganuary’s one-month challenge since it began in 2014 and new statistics* compiled by Dr. Helen Harwatt from Harvard University’s Animal Law and Policy program show that their collective impact has been huge (viewable in this infographic):  

  • 103,840 metric tons of CO2eq saved, equivalent to driving around the world almost 15,000 times  
  • 405 metric tons of PO43-eq (eutrophication) saved, the same as 1,645 metric tons of sewage   
  • 6.2 million liters of water saved, the same as flushing the toilet almost half a million times   
  • Additionally, more than 3.4 million animals were saved according to the Vegan Society’s Veganalyser calculations  

These figures offer hope that together we can tackle the two biggest threats currently facing us: catastrophic climate breakdown and a global pandemic – both heavily linked to our consumption of animal products. 2021 is the year for positive action and Veganuary is urging everyone to embrace this opportunity to reshape the future and sign-up to try vegan at  

The organization aims to help consumers who are curious about vegan products by providing recipes, shopping tips, restaurants guides on going plant-based. Especially in light of the concerns the coronavirus has highlighted regarding the dangers of eating animal products, more and more consumers and restaurants are consciously seeking out a more vegan-centered diet. According to a recent New York Times article citing Nielson data about consumer purchasing habits following the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, plant-based meat substitutes had a jump of 35% in sales from April to May 2020. Additionally, during the same period, the increase for uncooked vegan products jumped 53% in sales, compared to the 34% increase in sales for meat products. Furthermore, we’ve seen several accounts describing the new wave of restaurants transitioning their menus to be more vegan-based, citing a range of reasons including lower price points, more control over the quality of produce, and the impact of animal products on the environment and the ongoing pandemic crisis.  

Alec Baldwin, actor and Veganuary supporter, echoes that this is the perfect time for people to try Veganuary:

“During the pandemic, we have cooked all our meals at home and have moved to a completely plant-based diet in this house. When you prepare your own food, it’s interesting how your tastes change. And any animal products become less appetizing when you prepare them, from start to finish, yourself.” 

More than 400,000 people from 192 countries took part in Veganuary last year, including rock legends Brian May and Meat Loaf. The goal this year is a global total of 500,000 sign-ups through the Veganuary website alone. Statistically in recent years, 47% of respondents surveyed said that they are committing to staying vegan following their Veganuary experience. It is thought that 10 times more people take part in Veganuary than sign up on the website, coining the term the ‘Veganuary Effect’. 

Major national and regional brands, retailers, and restaurants, including Yelp, Mendocino Farms, Tofurky, Follow Your Heart, Violife, and dozens more, will join Veganuary by offering promotions, giveaways, and special menu items, while creating specialized marketing campaigns for plant-based products. 

Veganuary is supported worldwide by environmentalists, athletes, medical professionals, and celebrities, and today released passionate personal messages from advocates urging everyone to sign up to the 31-day plant-based pledge. 

>>>> Veganuary’s 2021 campaign launch video is available here 

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