Benefits of Going Dairy-Free According to Real Life Testimonials

We’ve been told for so long that we need to consume dairy in order to be healthy. But the truth is, removing dairy from our diets can actually be healthier! It may seem daunting but there are so many plant-based dairy alternatives on the market today, it has never been easier. Plus, the changes you notice might just surprise you! Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the benefits of going dairy-free according to previous Veganuary participants!

Image shows four women of various ages and demographics smiling and talking about the benefits of going dairy-free
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“My Reynaud Syndrome disappeared. I’d had it since a small child and my GP said it could only be managed with medication. I then went from long term vegetarian to vegan and my Reynaud syndrome disappeared. 3 years on, no symptoms. I did it for the animals but the effect on my health has been life changing.”

Trudie D.

“Never did I imagine that it would be this easy. I am amazed at the effect it’s had on my mental and physical health. I have more energy and stamina than I’ve had in recent years as evidenced by my being able to work out more frequently. I am more productive at work. I am thinking clearer and don’t get fatigued by the middle of the afternoon and that has resulted in a better work product in less time. I sleep well.”

Karen P.

“A few years before I made the change, I had seen a dermatologist for some small bumps I had on the backs of my arms. I was told they are harmless and if I’d like to get rid of them, they can prescribe a cream that will burn off a layer of skin in hopes it would grow back healthy without the bumps. I decided against that and didn’t give it much thought. Within a few weeks of going dairy free, they were gone! The cystic acne I continued to struggle with as an adult, also gone! […] I had no idea the constant heartburn and slight yuckiness I felt on a daily basis was in fact caused by dairy. I thought it was just my body! The final thing I noticed was the bloating. In my first week of dropping dairy, I lost a full two inches from my waist. If the animal ethics weren’t enough to keep me dairy free, the health benefits definitely are!”

Nikki K.

“After 5 months of suffering from the typical side effects of post menopause, I began researching non-pharmaceutical options. I read The China Study, and immediately stopped consuming all dairy products. (I had already stopped eating fish and meat). Within two weeks, my insomnia, mood swings and hot flashes came to a complete stop. I’ve never looked back.”

Janice S.

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