Best Vegan BBQ Sauces (USA)

You have your vegan burgers and sausages ready to grill, but what would a plant-based BBQ be without the sauce?! Luckily, many BBQ sauces are already vegan, and Americans don’t need to make a special trip to the health food store to stock up. But two sneaky ingredients to keep an eye out for, and avoid, are honey and anchovies. We’ve listed a few of our go-to sauces for you to try out below!

Brown bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's vegan Original BBQ Sauce
Image Credit: Sweet Baby Ray’s

Sweet baby ray’s original barbecue sauce

Sweet Baby Ray’s has a few vegan BBQ sauces to choose from, but their Original flavor is a classic that is widely available in the US. This sweet sauce is a perfect consistency – not too thick, but not runny either!

Red jar of Stubb's Spicy vegan BBQ sauce
Image Credit: Stubb’s BBQ


If you are looking for an easy-to-find sauce with a kick, you’ll want to try Stubb’s. Their Spicy Bar-B-Q sauce is tomato-based, with habanero and black pepper coming in hot!   

A bottle of Wicked Kitchen's Asian style bbq sauce
Image Credit: Wicked Kitchen

wicked kitchen asian style bbq sauce

This Asian-inspired BBQ sauce can be used in place of any barbecue sauce or ketchup and will give your burger that little sweet and sour kick you are looking for!

Bottle of Primal Kitchen's vegan Hawaiian Style BBQ sauce
Image Credit: Primal Kitchen


You know you’re in for a sweet and tropical treat when the second ingredient is pineapple juice! Need we say more?  

Bottle of True Made Foods Carolina Gold vegan BBQ sauce
Image Credit: True Made Foods


With a mustard base, Carolina Gold offers a bold and tangy flavor. Plus, with “hidden” veggies, this is another ingredient list that we can get behind!

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