The New Vegan Outlook Podcast

We’ve just heard of a brand new UK based podcast launched in the past few weeks – The New Vegan Outlook podcast.

img_1743Don McAllister, the voice behind this podcast took some time out to speak with us and tell us more!

The New Vegan Outlook podcast is aimed at anyone considering moving to a healthier lifestyle either by cutting down their meat consumption or eliminating animal products completely. The podcast is hosted by Liverpool based, Don McAllister who turned vegan six months ago. Don has been a tech podcaster for the last 10 years, but decided to create a new vegan based podcast to share his experiences and help others in a similar situation to him.

In the podcast Don will be looking at just what a plant based diet means and how just a few simple changes can beneficially impact your health and the environment. Along with lots of hints and tips, the podcast will also include interviews, current trends and the latest news around this rapidly growing movement.

So whether you want to adopt a Meatless Monday, go fully vegan or just want to keep up to date with the latest veggie based news, join Don each week and subscribe to The New Vegan Outlook podcast via iTunes.

Follow Don on Social Media too! Twitter / @newveganoutlook and Facebook.


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