Best Vegan Advent Calendars 2023

Who’s ready for the countdown to Christmas 2023? We’ve uncovered some of the very best vegan advent calendars in the US containing dairy-free chocolate and vegan beauty products, from the downright luxurious to the cheap and cheerful.

Three vegan advent calendars

Chocolate Advent Calendars

No Whey!

This popular vegan chocolate brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Christmas! Behind each door is a delicious vegan “milk” chocolate figurine that is also free from the top eight most common allergens.

Image Credit: No Whey

Amanda’s Own Confections

For those of us who want something a little less bitter and a little less sweet, Amanda’s Own is right in the middle with their kid-friendly semi-sweet chocolate advent calendar. On Christmas Day, open the doors to an XL chocolate Santa!

Image Credit: Amanda’s Own Confections

Moo Free

Moo Free has been paving the way for dairy-free chocolate in the UK for years and is a firm vegan favorite. Thanks to the internet, we can now enjoy them here in the US as well! Their multi-award-winning, organic, vegan advent calendars are free from gluten, soy, palm oil, dairy, and wheat. Choose from “milk” or white chocolate varieties.

Moo Free
Image Credit: Moo Free

Divine Chocolate

Enjoy a deliciously rich chocolate behind every window of this 70% dark chocolate calendar! It’s also proudly palm oil-free.

Image Credit: Divine Chocolate

Alternative Advent Calendars

If chocolate’s not your thing or you just want something a bit different this year, check out our other festive vegan advent calendars, including tea and beauty products.

Did you find our guide to vegan advent calendars useful? If you’d like more festive tips, check out our guide to vegan Christmas gifts!

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