10 Best Vegan Easter chocolates and sweets (US)

Your ultimate guide to the best vegan Easter chocolates and sweets for 2024!

Calling all chocolate lovers: you don’t have to miss out on sweet treats at Easter!

Our favorite traditions don’t need to involve cruelty to animals, and we can still celebrate Easter without dairy and eggs. There are plenty of vegan Easter eggs to suit every taste, from decadent dark chocolate to smooth and creamy milk chocolate alternatives.  

As well as vegan brands expanding their offerings, supermarkets, and retailers are hopping on the growth of veganism. So, read our guide and get stocked up on these egg-citing treats.

1. Unreal snacks

Unreal’s line of vegan chocolates and candies are always made to impress and at Easter, they don’t fall short! Childhood favorites reinvented with up to 51% less sugar, Unreal uses simple, organic, sustainable, non-GMO project-verified ingredients for the good of our health, the planet, and the farmers.

Their limited-edition Easter line includes decadent dark chocolate coconut bars and creamy peanut butter cups that are choc-full of goodness!

Available at most US supermarkets and unrealsnacks.com.

Image Credit: Unreal

2. No Whey foods

No Whey Foods’ wide variety of chocolates, candies, and cookies will cover all your sweet treat bases and then some because their Easter range just keeps getting better and better.

Their newest addition of an Easter Egg Cookie Decorating Kit and Chocolate “Smash-a-vEgg” are fun Easter activities to enjoy with the whole family!

Their entire selection of products is 100% milk-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, sesame-free, and has no artificial colors or flavors, as well as being vegan and kosher, so those with allergies don’t miss out on the Easter festivities. 

Easter Specials:

  • Easter Egg Cookies Decorating Kit
  • Smash-a-vEgg
  • Hand-Painted 3D Chocolate Bunny
  • Jake the Milkless Easter Bunny
  • Cottontail the Milkless White Bunny
  • Chocolatey Mini Cream VEGG’s
  • Easter Bunny Nono’s Candy Tube
  • PeaNOT vEggs
  • Milkless Surprise Eggs
  • Easter Chocolate Lollipop Collection
  • Spring Truffle Box Collection
  • “Happy Easter” Milkless Bar
  • Hot Cocoa Bombs

Available in select retailers and restaurants nationwide, amazon.com, and nowheychocolate.com.

Image Credits: No Whey Foods

3. Lake Champlain chocolates 

No one does luxury chocolate quite like Lake Champlain, and we’re hopping with excitement over their vegan Easter bunny range. They’ve got vegan chocolate rabbits in all shapes and sizes. From a classic bunny you can share with friends, to individual bunny favors perfect for setting the holiday table. Add in a few chocolate carrots and dark chocolate candy bars, and you can build your own gourmet vegan Easter basket.

Easter Specials:

  • Classic Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Classic Oat Milk Bunny
  • Placesetting Dark Chocolate Baby Bunny
  • 5″ Classic Dark Organic Bunny
  • Dark Chocolate Carrot

Available at Whole Foods and lakechamplainchocolates.com.

Image Credit: Lake Champlain Chocolates

4. yumearth

If a child in your life prefers candy for their Easter egg hunt instead of chocolates (or your inner child just wants something sweet to munch on!), you have to check out YumEarth’s Easter Egg Hunt Kit. It includes everything you need for a fun and festive Easter egg hunt, including 12 eco-friendly fillable eggs, and 12 jelly bean and gummy bear snack packs.

YumEarth also has chocolate candies, lollipops, fruit chews, dark chocolate mint gems, and tons of other vegan sweets for you to choose from.

Available at yumearth.com.

Image Credit: YumEarth

5. Dandies marshmallows

If marshmallows are your favorite Easter treat, then you’re in luck! Dandies® light and fluffy marshmallows are perfect for campfire roasting, s’mores, topping a cup of hot cocoa, crispy treats, or snacking straight out of the bag! They have no artificial flavors or colors, no corn syrup, and no gelatin, making them a better-for-you and vegan version of a childhood classic.

Dandies Marshmallows come in regular and mini. Plus, you can try your hand at arts-and-crafts with some kitchen scissors and food coloring to make your own vegan version of Easter Peeps!

Available at most US supermarkets and dandies.com.

Image Credit: Dandies

6. Lindt

Known for their luxuriously rich Swiss chocolate, Lindt has been a staple in the world of chocolate, and their Easter version is no exception. The Lindt Dark Chocolate Gold Bunny is accidentally vegan and 100% delicious!

Wrapped in gold foil, this dark chocolate bunny makes a perfect Easter basket centerpiece and a festive addition to holiday candy dishes. Expertly crafted, Lindt Gold Bunny in dark chocolate is made with premium ingredients to bring extra joy to Easter celebrations.

Available at most US supermarkets and lindtusa.com.

Image Credit: Lindt

7. Chomp chocolate  

On the hunt for some budget-friendly vegan eggs to celebrate this Easter? Chomp Chocolates is here to save the day!

The Easter Collection includes the White Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg and Cake Batter Cream Eggs. They also have Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies, Spring Mix Marshmallows, or – if you’re indecisive like I am – a variety pack with everything!

Based in Oregon, Chomp Chocolate is made with sustainable cacao and plant-based ingredients, which only makes it that much more delicious.

Easter Specials:

  • White Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg
  • Cake Batter Cream Eggs
  • Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies
  • Spring Mix Marshmallows

Available in select stores nationwide and chompchocolate.com.

Image Credit: Chomp Chocolate

8. Whole foods

For a quick option you can find near you, head to Whole Foods to pick up their very own Organic Dark Chocolate Bunny. Made with 72% cacao, this chocolate bunny is sure to feel decadent and delicious!

Available at Whole Foods.

Image Credit: Whole Foods Market

9. Purdys chocolatier

Enjoy your Spring egg-stravaganza with the dairy-free Easter egg range from Purdys.

They have a wonderful collection of dark chocolate eggs, mylk chocolate eggs, caramel chocolate boxes, and their “Sweet Georgia Browns” box of chocolates.

All of their products are made with plant-based ingredients and sustainable cocoa – perfect for loading up your Easter basket.

Easter Specials:

  • Vegan Mylk Chocolate Spring Egg
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Spring Egg
  • Vegan Mylk Chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns
  • Vegan Hawaiian Black Salt Caramels

Available at purdys.com.

Image Credit: Purdys Chocolatier

10. lagusta’s luscious

If you’re looking for some truly egg-cellent vegan Easter goodies, try Lagusta’s Luscious selection of vegan Easter treats. This year’s Easter range includes four different chocolate Easter egg flavors including Tahini Mousse Eggs, Milk Chocolate Marble Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, and the star of the show: English Cream Eggs just like the original!

Aside from the traditional Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Bunnies, they also have exciting flavors like the Raspberry White Chocolate Bunny and Cardamom Rosewater Pistachio Caramels.

Easter Specials:

  • Cottontail Collection Box of Chocolates
  • Dark Chocolate Bunny
  • Milk Chocolate Bunny
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Bunny
  • Tahini Mousse Eggs
  • Milk Chocolate Marble Eggs
  • Peanut Butter Eggs
  • English Cream Eggs
  • Cardamom Rosewater Pistachio Caramels
  • Small Assorted Box of Chocolate Collection

Available at lagustasluscious.com.

Image Credit: Lagusta’s Luscious

With all these treats available, there’s no reason not to have a vegan Easter!

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