Universities in the US save over 1.9k pounds of co2 equivalent emissions during veganuary

2024 Vegan Food University Study

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)’s Forward Food Collaborative worked with Veganuary to launch a case study and a training, pilot program to test vegan meals and food products on campus at eight institutions; Boise State University, Baldwin Wallace University, Northern Michigan University, Region 9 – Joel Barlow High School, Roanoke College, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UW – Stevens Point), University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Vegan Food on a Plate
Image Credit: Humane Society of the United States

Participating universities and institutions learned how to serve and market delicious plant-based food items to meet the increasing demand and had the opportunity to start the year off by creating a positive impact through meaningful menu changes. Participants received free culinary training, free greenhouse gas assessment, and free samples of vegan products from Rebellyous, AcreMade, Armored Fresh, The Plant Based Seafood Co, Lypid, and Hippeas to the menu as limited-time offerings. 


The plant-based efforts from Baldwin Wallace University and UW-Stevens Point yielded a total savings of 1,907 pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions. That’s the equivalent of: 

  • 2,174 miles driven
  • 42 trees planted
  • 105,221 smartphones charged
  • 659 pounds of waste recycled instead of landfilled

Baldwin Wallace University student survey 

Balwin Wallace University surveyed students with eight simple questions. Highlights from the survey include: 

  • 56% of students choose to incorporate plant-based meals into their diets for health reasons and 42% choose to do so for sustainability reasons. 
  • 60% of students liked the Lypid pork belly sliders the most and 40% of students liked the Mind Blown crab cakes the most. 
  • 100% of students surveyed expressed interest in participating in Veganuary next year. 

UW – Stevens Point student survey 

UW-Stevens Point surveyed students with three simple questions. Highlights from the survey include: 

  • Students would like to see all of the plant-based products on the menu again in the future. 
  • Students particularly loved the desserts made with Acremade egg replacer. 

Read the full case study here!

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Veganuary is a nonprofit organization that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. Since Veganuary launched its first pledge 10 years ago – in January 2014 – millions of people, coming from almost every country in the world, have officially taken part, with campaign hubs in Germany, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, India, Spain and the UK. This New Year’s revolution has also been embraced by businesses, with hundreds of companies taking part in Veganuary last year, launching thousands of new vegan products and menu items. Veganuary is free to join, and people can sign up at veganuary.com. 


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