Khubani (Apricot) Ka Meetha

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For the perfect sugar fix after dinner!

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30-32 Khubani (dried apricots)

½ Cup Cashews (soaked for 4 hours and drained)

3 Cups Water

2 Tablespoon Almond Slivers (for garnishing)


1. Wash the khubani well and cover with 3 cups of warm water. Soak overnight.

2. Filter out the soaked khubani and retain the soaking water.

3. Remove the seeds from the khubani and mash lightly with hands.

4. Take the khubani + 1 cup of the soaking liquid in a saucepan and cook on low-medium heat for 18-20 minutes until it becomes soft and thick (“halwa” consistency)

5. Grind the soaked cashews + ½ cup of the khubani soaking liquid to make a smooth cashew cream.

6. Serve the khubani ka meetha warm or cold topped with the cashew cream and garnished with almond slivers.

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