Companies around the US and world embrace Veganuary’s Workplace Challenge

Loyola Marymount University, Aveda, QLIK among over 150 organizations worldwide taking on the workplace challenge to eat vegan for the month of January.

(United States – January 18, 2023) – Veganuary – the global movement to try vegan for 31 days – is working with more than 150 companies around the world to encourage their employees to try vegan and provide more plant-based options in the workplace in January. Among the prominent US companies and institutions participating in Veganuary are Aveda, Loyola Marymount University, Behaviorally, Lam Research, and more. By taking on the Veganuary Workplace Challenge, these companies are taking positive steps towards sustainability goals, creating a fun challenge for employees to participate in, and promoting health and well-being amongst staff. Many of the companies are getting creative with the initiative by hosting giveaways and potlucks, launching new plant-based menu items in staff cafeterias, offering education on plant-based eating, and providing delicious snacks and coaching for the whole office. 

In their own words, here are some of the reasons these businesses are embracing vegan eating this January:   


Julie Kae, VP Sustainability and DE&I, Executive Director of 

“Qlik is proud to support and participate in Veganuary, because vegan lifestyles are not only healthy for individuals, but also better for our planet!” 

Loyola Marymount University 

Channon Jaquish, Senior Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Loyola Marymount University  

“Our team joined Veganuary to make a big impact.” 

Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench 

Amanda Cianciarulo, Machinery Engineer, Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench    

“Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench is committed to sustainability and preserving the environment for future generations. Participating in Veganuary is a great step toward this goal.” 

Lam Research 

Aruna Ravi, Senior Systems Engineer, Lam Research 

“By taking part in the Veganuary 2023 Workplace Challenge, Lam Research’s Lam Employee Sustainability Community (LESC) team aims to empower more environmental sustainability by choosing healthy, compassionate, and environment-friendly plant-based food.” 


Melissa Chelminiak, Director Mission Partnerships and Engagement, Aveda 

“Aveda is thrilled to return as a sponsor of Veganuary’s Workplace Challenge. With our Aveda Mission to care for the world we live in, it is a natural fit to work with an organization dedicated to providing engaging education around the positive impacts of choosing vegan.  Our Aveda employees and artists from around the world have enjoyed the excellent resources and support provided by the Veganuary team, and we are proud to once again be part of this year’s challenge.” 


Janice Lai, VP Marketing, Behaviorally  

“At Behaviorally, sustainability is front and center as one of the main priorities for the clients we serve and within our company. We have partnered with others to lead and drive the conversation within the global insights industry on the important topic of sustainability with our We Better Behave! series. By collaborating and making a commitment to Veganuary, we are taking another step and doing our part to support a more sustainable future for all.”  


On behalf of the whole team 

“We are delighted to be participating in Veganuary! At LinkGraph, we promote a plant-based lifestyle through our work events and yearly donations to our favorite animal rights organizations. We educate our team on the importance of their own actions and decisions through the basic understanding of compassion whether it is for themselves, animals, or the planet. We believe in a sustainable and cruelty-free future and are committed to being a part of the solution.” 


Rachel Soeharto, VP of Global Communications at TiNDLE 

“This marks the first year that our company is participating in the Veganuary Challenge, and it couldn’t come at a better time for TiNDLE. Over the last year, TiNDLE has widened our availability in key markets that we’re already present in – including Germany, the UK, and the US – to offer more easy, enjoyable, and delicious plant-based foods to consumers, from the curious flexitarian diner to the experienced home cook.”  

Higher Taste 

 Rhonda Wrobel, co-owner/founder,Higher Taste. 

“As a natural food manufacturer, Veganuary Workplace Challenge is ideal for Higher Taste to participate in. We love the idea of a healthier way of life and Veganuary gives us the tools to take it to our employees in a fun and exciting way, allowing them to grow and experience new things.” 

Green Spoon Co.  

Savannah Pagnozzi, Founder, Green Spoon Co 

“Most people have zero clue how good they can feel, and how happy they can really be, on a vegan diet. I now have more energy, more mental clarity, and regained an excitement about life. And so, I’ve invited my team members, and Tampa Bay residents, to participate in Veganuary to experience it for themselves!”  

About Veganuary  

Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. It was founded in the UK in 2014. Since then, nearly 2.5 million people have taken the 31-day plant-based pledge from almost every country in the world. With campaign hubs now in Germany, the USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, India, and the UK, Veganuary has truly become a global phenomenon. This New Year’s revolution has also been embraced by businesses, with hundreds of companies taking part in Veganuary last year, launching more than 1,540 new vegan products and menu items.  

Veganuary is free to join, and people can sign-up at to receive our Celebrity eCookbook, the Official Veganuary Starter Kit, and 31 daily emails packed with nutritional info, delicious recipes, meal plans, and helpful advice.     

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