Veganism and Calcium

Calcium is important whether you are vegan or not, and you should ensure you are meeting your RDA. In the UK, that is 700 mg for adults.
We need calcium for strong bones (along with its super sidekick Vitamin D, which helps us to absorb it). Calcium is essential for your body’s growth and development, so you’ll need to know the best plant foods to eat!

Tofu and kale – a winning combination

Keeping in mind that cows’ milk contains 124-130 mg of calcium[1], the foods listed below are great dairy-free sources of calcium:

Serving      Food                                    Calcium

250 ml           non-dairy fortified milks     300mg

150g               vegan yogurt                          150mg

250g               tofu (calcium-set)                 500mg

80g                 kale                                          120mg

80g                 watercress                              130mg

30g                 Brazil nuts                              130mg

100g               pak choi                                  105mg

100g               dried figs                                250mg

1 medium     orange                                      50mg

‘……..there are lots of other non-dairy sources of calcium including fortified soya products, pulses, nuts, seeds and white bread. Additionally, fresh fruit and vegetables contain a number of key vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are good for bones’

National Osteoporosis Society April 2017





[1] https://www.milk.co.uk/

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