Vegan Egg Substitutes (US)

So, you’ve been coasting along on your vegan journey when a potentially less-obvious animal product throws a wrench in your plans… eggs. Don’t worry! From brunch to baking, we have you covered. New options for vegan egg substitutes are popping up more frequently than ever. So, remember, if the first option you try isn’t your new favorite, there are plenty more out there!

When eggs are the ingredient


JUST Egg has become a gamechanger in the vegan arena. The liquid option is excellent for scrambles or French toast, and the newer folded option will complete any breakfast sandwich. Their latest product, the JUST Egg Sous Vide, is even delicious all on its own.

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg

While Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg can also be used for baking, we recommend giving it a try in a scramble, omelet, or frittata too. Especially if JUST Egg wasn’t quite what you’re after, the VeganEgg might be the one for you!

Extra Firm Tofu

Sometimes you just cannot beat a classic! Tofu is not only affordable but easy to find. Try pressing the extra firm tofu first to get rid of excess moisture, then scrambling it with your favorite spices and veggies.

These suggestions can be pretty convincing. But suppose you find you’re still noticing a difference. In that case, we recommend adding your favorite seasonings, vegan cheese, or fresh veggies to bring these vegan eggs to the next level. And while these were just a few of our favorites, you can find our comprehensive list of vegan egg alternative brands here!

When eggs are an ingredient

Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is great for binding dry ingredients together and adding moisture. Try using it as an egg replacer in muffins, cakes, or cookies! Simply replace each egg the recipe calls for with ¼ cup apple sauce.

Nut Butter

Try using a creamy peanut or almond butter in pancakes or brownies, as it will add a slightly nutty flavor to the finished product. Use three tablespoons of nut butter to replace one egg.

Carbonated Water

If you are looking to replace an egg that serves as a leavening agent (the ingredient that makes a recipe rise/fluffy), try carbonated water! ¼ cup carbonated water can replace each egg in most cake or cupcake recipes.

Check out our Vegan Baking Guide for even more fun and easy egg substitutes!

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