Hedi Hearts

My name is Hedi and I am a passionate healthy blogger. I live in Essex with my family and if you don’t find me in kitchen I am certainly somewhere out running down the Essex roads.

I grew up in Czech Republic where eating meat is almost part of the culture. You start your day with sausages, move on to a midday feast of traditional Czech goulash ( stew), and close the day off with a dinner consisting on mashed potatoes and pork steak in breadcrumbs. I have been vegetarian for nearly  20 years and vegan for the last year. I couldn’t have made a better decision!

My decision to go vegan was not only for the animals and the environment, but also to look after myself and my body. There are so many yummy vegan foods out there… which is why I started my blog. There is more to being vegan than eating salads and drinking smoothies. Plant based eating is amazing and has many fantastic benefits. Cutting out animal protein and dairy reduced the amount of bad fat I ate, so naturally I lost a lot of weight! I will never go back, only forward.

If you need some inspiration, just come and say hi!