Whether you’re already a vegan or thinking about taking our 31-day pledge, we’ve got everything you need right here!

Supermarkets are treasure troves of vegan goods, and a great place to start your vegan journey! If you have a health food store nearby or prefer to shop online, then you will find many other options available to you, too.

Back to Basics

Many staple foods you already buy are vegan. Peanut butter, yeast extracts, jams and marmalades, baked beans, dried pasta, rice, almost all bread, many types of gravy granules, vegetable stock cubes, chopped tomatoes, oven chips and hash browns, coconut milk, lots of curry pastes, many breakfast cereals, herbs, spices, tomato ketchup and HP sauce, mustard and pickles, olive oil and vegetable oils, soy sauce, fruit juice, tea and coffee, lots of biscuits, crackers, crispbreads and crisps, and of course fruit and vegetables – fresh, dried, tinned and frozen.

Simple switches

There are now vegan versions for almost everything, so you can simply switch like for like. In supermarkets, you will find a range of plant-based milks (oat, soya, almond, coconut, hemp, rice, and more) including flavoured milks (chocolate, strawberry, iced coffee) in the refrigerator. There, you will also find a range of plant-based yoghurts in various flavours and styles, and cheeses (slices, blocks, grated, cream cheese, all in different flavours).

In the freezer section, you will find burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, soya mince, faux fish fingers and other convenient products that help you keep the foods you love that just don’t contain the animal parts. And don’t forget to check out the ice cream section as you will find a range of tubs, cones and bars.

On the shelf, you will find vegan mayonnaise, chocolate, custard, pouring cream, squirty cream and many more everyday items.

Quick meals

There is an increasing range of vegan ready meals in supermarkets, from pizzas and curries, to mac ‘n’ cheese, pies and stews. Look for these in the refrigerator section, either alongside the non-vegan options or in the store’s designated meat-free section, or in the freezer section.

You will also find tinned and fresh soups, instant noodles and microwaveable vegetable pots for a super-quick meal.

Food on the go

Supermarkets are now producing ranges of delicious sandwiches and wraps, from the traditional cheese and pickle to something more adventurous like spicy butternut squash.

You will also find pasties, sausage rolls and other baked ready-to-eat goods. Many crisps and crackers are vegan, and you will find dips and pre-prepared salads to go with them, too.

These shops have great vegan food to go options:











Sweet treats

All supermarkets stock vegan chocolate and ice cream, and many also stock individual vegan cheesecakes, too. Some also have brownies, croissant, pain au chocolat, cakes and doughnuts, so you never need miss out on life’s sweet pleasures.

If in doubt, search online or head to your nearest health food shop!

There is a vegan version of everything from caviar to crème fraiche and from panettone to pepperoni – you just need to know where to find it. If you’re unsure, ask the Veganuary Facebook Group or search online. Health food shops are also usually a great one-stop shop for all things vegan!