About Veganuary

Veganuary is an organisation (and a UK registered charity) launched in 2014 that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond.

During this years campaign, more than a quarter of a million people took our pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 500 brands, restaurants and supermarkets promoted the campaign, and launched more than 200 new vegan products and menus in the UK market alone. Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and corporat​ions alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering and improving the health of millions of people.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: we want a vegan world. A world without animal farming and slaughterhouses. A world where food production does not decimate forests, pollute rivers and oceans, exacerbate climate change, and drive wild animal populations to extinction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support people to try vegan, drive corporate change, and create a global mass movement championing compassionate food choices with the aim of ending animal farming, protecting the planet and the environment and improving human health.

What we do

Veganuary works internationally to promote and support the mass shift away from animal products and towards the consumption of plant-based foods. We work with corporations, the media, like-minded organisations and high-profile individuals to help drive change – for the good of our planet, to improve health and to relieve the suffering of animals.

Veganuary is sponsored in part by VegFund.