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Make a corporate commitment with Veganuary

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Veganuary is working with businesses to help them commit to increasing the proportion of their business that is plant-based.

Many brands and businesses have ambitious sustainability targets, and committing to concrete changes that result in a reduction of animal product consumption are vital to achieving global climate goals and halting biodiversity loss.

We would love to help you incorporate plant-based commitments into your plans.

Sustainable corporate commitments
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Examples of corporate commitments

SodexoCommitted to making 33% of their menus plant-based by 2025 to promote sustainable eating.

Lidl Aims to increase sales of its own brand meat free and milk alternative range by 400% by 2025. The initiative comes as Lidl identifies the need for food security with the increasing global population.

WagamamaBecame the UK’s first high street restaurant to offer an equal plant-based menu. The menu is now 50% plant-based as a part of the chain’s pledge to combat climate change.

University of StirlingThe university became the first to ban animal products in campus outlets. Students voted, and as a result, only plant-based products will be served by 2025.

Ikea In a bid to become a ‘climate positive business’ by 2030, fifty percent of Ikea’s main meals served in its restaurants will be plant-based by 2025.

Burger King UK Pledged to make 50% of its menu meat-free by 2023 to achieve sustainability targets.

UnileverCommitted to an annual $1 billion sales target from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives within five to seven years.

NYC HospitalsServe plant-based food as the default option and patients can ‘opt in’ for meat and dairy. As a result, over half of patients chose fully plant-based meals when only 1% identified as vegan or vegetarian!

AvedaRemoved honey and beeswax from its products to become 100% vegan. The hair and beauty brand announced its vegan pledge during Veganuary 2021.

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More Corporate Commitment Examples

Additional examples of what a long-term corporate commitment might look like:

  • Commitment to drop the surcharge for plant milks in restaurants and cafes
  • Company or catering to go fully plant-based by 2025
  • Fifty per cent of company’s food offerings (products/menus) to be plant-based by 2028
  • Fashion brand to ditch fur, leather, wool, feathers and other animal fibres by 2026
  • Company removes a specific animal-derived ingredient (e.g. eggs or whey powder) from a product range to make it vegan
  • Catering pledges to make 33% of all options vegan at every outlet (stadiums, theme parks, universities, canteens, on-site restaurants)
  • Major event (e.g. Oscars, Brit Awards) to serve only vegan food from 2024
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Benefits of making a corporate commitment

Making a plant-based pledge with Veganuary could be a part of your corporate wellness programme, corporate social responsibility strategy or sustainability goal and shows your business is dedicated to tackling the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and reducing animal suffering.

A recent Kantar panel suggests 53% of consumers think eco-claims are just ‘another marketing tool’ and are less likely to purchase from a brand with eco credentials if they don’t believe it’s an ethical company. Making a plant-based pledge with Veganuary shows the business is truly committed to sustainability and not just greenwashing. Today’s consumer values transparency and authenticity.

We’ll work with your business, completely free of charge, on a case-by-case basis to develop a commitment and you can expect from us:

  • Support and guidance from our team
  • A ‘corporate commitment’ badge for you to add to your website or email signature
  • PR opportunities if you’re interested in going public
  • A section and quote on our website’s corporate commitment page
  • Possible social media opportunities

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