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  • Blueberry Swirl

    I’m Kirsty and I run Blueberry Swirl; a home-based bakery in the North East of England. I started it in November 2013, after lots of experimenting with cake recipes. I hate the idea that anybody has to miss out on their favourite sweet treats because of making the awesome decision to go vegan! However, I also love cooking so you’ll find that lots of the recipes uploaded here are inspired by my favourite savoury dishes as well.

    In my spare time I love spoiling my rescued animals; Trevor, Skye, Jess and Tinker are my bunnies, Spock and Scotty are my cheeky guinea pigs and Bilbo and Apple are my fiesty little hamsters. I have been with my partner, Aaron, for 7 years and he is my glamorous assistant at Blueberry Swirl; I couldn’t do it without his support.

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  • Bunny Kitchen

    I have always had a deep connection with animals as far back as I can remember. It probably comes as no surprise, therefore, that I became a strict vegetarian at the age of 6 and became vegan in my late teens.

    I work as a wildlife hospital supervisor, treating and rehabilitating all kinds of wild animals and graduate in 2015 with a degree in Animal Management. I am currently carrying out research into a natural treatment of a disease affecting many wild birds which causes great suffering, yet is much unstudied.

    I spent much of my teenage years in West Africa working for and with street children and am now a charity trustee for the cause. This reminds me of how being vegan is far more than a diet choice, it’s a way of life which extends to every aspect of one’s being with benefits beyond the most obvious – animal welfare and rights. There are more than enough plant foods to feed the world multiple times yet the land taken to raise meat and animals for by-products ensures that millions remain hungry.

    I write Bunny Kitchen to share vegan recipes, DIY tips, inspirational animal stories and general health resources with a hope of inspiring vegans and non-vegans everywhere and perhaps provoking some curiosity in some to give veganism or even vegetarianism a chance.

    I love getting creative in the kitchen and giving a home to animals in need. Most of all, I love spending time with my 24 wonderful pets!

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  • Carolyn Scott Hamilton

    The Healthy Voyager, aka Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, is the creator, producer and host of The Healthy Voyager travel and cooking show, site, and overall brand. A Latina/Bilingual, award winning healthy, special diet and green living and travel expert, holistic nutritionist, plant based vegan chef, best-selling cookbook author, media spokesperson, sought after speaker, consultant, show host and television personality, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a respected figure in the world of healthy lifestyle and travel as well as special diet cooking and nutrition.

    Garnering attention from such outlets as Extra, CNN, The New York Times, Telemundo and more, The Healthy Voyager aims to help people live well, one veggie at a time! For more information on Carolyn and her projects visit: and

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  • ChicP

    ChicP is a raw vegetable houmous company producing delicious alternative dips, founded on a passionate commitment to reducing food waste.

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  • Chrissie’s Greedy Gob

    Chrissie loves food and loves animals, and never wants to combine the two. Despite dietary differences, one thing is agreed – no dinner guest leaves her house dissatisfied…or without a full tummy. She shares her culinary adventures as she finds exciting new dishes, snacks, cakes and as she stuffs her gob at the occasional restaurant. Chrissie shows that eating vegan does NOT mean missing out!

    This is a completely inclusive forum where anyone, not just vegans, are welcome to check out recipes, ask questions and maybe learn something about veganism. Whether you have veggie or vegan friends who you want to surprise or impress with some considerate cooking or if you are just interested in tasty food, check out Chrissie’s gob for a greedy guide to compassionate food!

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  • Christine Bailey

    Christine is an award winning degree qualified Functional Nutritionist, Chef and Author with over 18 years of experience in the health and food industry. Winner of Coeliac UK Chef of the Year award Christine is well known for her expertise in developing healthy foods, products and recipes focused on health and fitness. With a passion for creating delicious nourishing recipes Christine has a reputation for transforming people’s health and love of real food. As well as seeing clients in Harley Street, London, running cookery days and writing for national press, Christine works with publishers, fitness and sports companies, food and health companies providing nutritional expertise, recipe support and product development advice. Christine is an inspiring nutritional chef well known for her engaging style and enthusiasm.

    Christine makes regular appearances in the media – TV, radio, BBC The Truth About Sugar, BBC The Truth About Stress, Sky News and BBC radio among others. She is also a writer for many national magazines and newspapers and is sought after for her expertise.

    Christine is the author of numerous health and recipe books including her popular GO LEAN VEGAN diet and nutrition book, The Raw Food Diet, Eat to Get Younger, The Juice Diet Book and the Gut Health Diet. Christine regularly runs free LIVE cookalongs via facebook LIVE Her website has an array of healthy recipes and nutritional features based on functional medicine.

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  • Clea Grady

    Clea is very much the ‚home cook‘. Her kitchen is her haven and she loves cooking for friends and family whenever she can. The recipes she shares tend to be quick, filling and really tasty. She recommends a bit of kitchen dancing for extra flavour 🙂

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  • Clearspring

    Clearspring is a family-owned business and for over 25 years has been committed to pioneering authentic, vegan Japanese specialities and organic fine foods.

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  • Club Mexicana

    We make sensational vegan Mexican food packed full of crazy-good fillings, homemade sauces and toppings.

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  • Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

    A recognized expert and thought leader on all aspects of living vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau is an award-winning author of seven books, including the bestselling The Joy of Vegan Baking, The Vegan Table, Color Me Vegan, Vegan’s Daily Companion, On Being Vegan, and The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. She is an acclaimed speaker and a multimedia host, beloved for her entertaining and informative videos and her inspiring podcast, “Food for Thought,” which was voted Favorite Podcast by VegNews magazine readers. Colleen is a regular contributor to National Public Radio.

    Colleen has appeared on national and regional TV programs, including the Food Network, CBS, PBS, and FOX. Interviews with her have been featured on NPR, U.S. News and World Report, The Chicago Tribune, The Miami Times, Pacifica Radio, Rodale News, and in countless blogs and podcasts. Her recipes have been featured on and She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two cats, Charlie and Michiko.

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  • Dan and Annie Shannon

    Dan and Annie Shannon live in Brooklyn, New York.

    Annie has worked at the animal advocacy organization In Defense of Animals and as the Fashion Industry Liaison for the Humane Society of the United States. She does most of the cooking.

    Dan was previously the Director of Youth Outreach & Campaigns for PETA and is now a Senior Strategist for the social movement strategy consulting company Purpose. He does the dishes.

    Dan and Annie Shannon are authors of VegNews Magazine’s Cookbook of the Year for 2013 Betty Goes Vegan and the upcoming Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking coming out in May 2015. Both published by Grand Central – Hachette.

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  • David and Charlotte Bailey

    The Fresh Vegan Kitchen features irresistible vegan food from award-winning vegan street food pioneers, David and Charlotte Bailey of Wholefood Heaven.

    David and Charlotte Bailey have taken the street market scene by storm with their vibrant, healthy vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Their food is not about what’s missing – it’s about maximizing the potential and flavour of plant-based ingredients.

    Discover enticing egg- and dairy-free dishes from regions with a long tradition of vegetarian eating, such as Asia and India, as well as innovative twists on Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern mezze, Chinese dim sum and more.

    From big breakfasts to light salads and comforting mains to low-sugar sweet treats, The Fresh Vegan Kitchen is a glorious collection of exciting, satisfying recipes that taste terrific.

    „In 2009, we started our own business, Wholefood Heaven and quickly became increasingly involved in the vibrant street food scene, taking our healthy and high quality food to the masses via a beautifully converted Citroen H van. We scooped the award for Best Main Dish at the British Street Food Awards and have also recently featured in River Cottage Veg with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the Travel Channel’s Street Eats and in the well-received documentary Planeat.“

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  • Demuths Cookery School

    Demuths Cookery School is run by one of the UK’s leading vegetarian chefs Rachel Demuth, who owned the award-winning Demuths Restaurant for 26 years.

    She is joined by a team of experienced chef tutors who teach an exciting and varied selection of vegetarian courses for all abilities from beginner to accomplished cook.

    Based in the centre of Bath in a beautiful Georgian Building, Demuths offers diploma courses, weekend, day courses, master classes, half-day and evening sessions, and talks and supperclubs.

    Best of all, Demuths brings together like-minded people to create beautiful dishes using delicious seasonal produce.

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  • Edward Daniel

    Edward Daniel is a vegan chef, presenter and media solicitor. He blogs at and as a former Chair of The Vegan Society he is a passionate advocate for veganism and gives talks on veganism around the world.

    Edward’s first book, “Essence: The Beginner’s Guide to Veganism”, is an exquisitely illustrated, evocative guide on “Why Go Vegan”. This book is as much about changing your lifestyle as it is about changing the way that you eat.

    Edward offers nutritious mouthwatering recipes that include Fig and Apple Stew, Cauliflower Potato Curry, Pomegranate Lentil Burgers and Scrumptious Blackberry Trifle.

    Isn’t it time to invest in your future?

    The book is only available on Edward’s website.

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  • Emma Fry

    I have been vegan for five years and a vegan business owner for two, two of the best decisions I have ever made! I was vegetarian for many years and after just over ten years working as a Tour Leader in Latin America, Europe and northern Africa I created Veganbnb Travel.

    I help people who live a healthy compassionate lifestyle have lovely holidays in Guatemala and Spain!

    I promote the availability of a lifestyle in which animals and the environment are not exploited, through my business I’m able to show that making the decision to live a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle is not only accessible to everyone, it’s uncomplicated, fun and you’ll feel great!

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  • Ethics And Antics

    The VGang Cookbook is filled with 37 simple, delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes! We have dips, sauces, mains, snacks, desserts and drinks all covered. #cookwithvgang

    Ethics and Antics proudly present our first vegan cookbook. Millee Johnson and Timothy Shieff got together with La Verita Studios creative director Robbie Lockie to produce the first in a series of books.

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  • Exceedingly Vegan

    The aim of Exceedingly Vegan is to be inclusive; food is about enjoyment and sharing. I want everyone to sit together at a table and enjoy amazing food.

    — Exceedingly Vegan

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