The Flexitarian

I was born and bred in France, the country of food lovers. I am lucky enough to have had very good role models in my mum and grand-mother who are (and were) very good cooks. I enjoyed cooking from a very young age and to this day I try to cook from scratch most of my family’s meals. I love food… good food that is.

Living in France I never gave much thought to not eating meat. It was just something I and everyone else around me did. I discovered vegetarianism when I lived abroad. Slowly but surely my attitude towards what I ate evolved. I started looking at the issues around animal welfare, modern farming and the impact of meat on the environment. Today I hardly ever eat meat and I do not miss it. I truly believe that the future of food lies in a plant-based diet.

Today I blog at The Flexitarian where I write about food, ethics and the environment. I enjoy sharing my vegan and vegetarian recipes. I feel inspired by vegan cuisine and I hope to get more and more people to try it to . When I am not cooking or blogging you can find me running my eco retail website By Nature.

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