10 Vegan Fall Recipes to Keep You Warm

The days are getting colder and shorter, so it’s safe to say we’re getting hungrier! It’s time to say goodbye to light summer salads and hello to the hearty goodness of vegan fall recipes.

If you’re looking for inspiration to welcome in this wonderful season, look no further than these plant-based fall dishes. Chase away the cold with vegan versions of your favorite traditional meals, from warming bowls of oatmeal to comforting pies. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

1. Apple Cinnamon Spiced Oats

Is there anything better than a big bowl of hot oats on a chilly morning? Kick-off your day with some autumnal spice with this protein-packed porridge.

Apple Cinnamon Spiced Oats
Image Credit: Pulsin

2. Spiced Plum Muffins

Muffins make great grab-and-go breakfasts, and you can enjoy them as mid-morning snacks too. If you have plums that have gone slightly squishy, use them in this recipe.

Vegan spiced plum muffins
Image Credit: Wrapped in Newspaper

3. Maple Cinnamon Granola

Simple yet satisfying, this maple syrup granola is perfect for days when you want a quick breakfast. Prepare a batch in the evening so it’s ready for you to eat in the morning, which means you get more time in bed. Winner!

Vegan maple cinnamon granola
Image Credit: Wrapped in Newspaper

4. Shepherd’s Pie

This is one of the best hearty meals to sit down with after a long day. While traditionally made with minced lamb, Shepherd’s pie can easily be made vegan by using lentils (thank goodness for that).

Vegan Shepherds Pie
Image Credit: Green Leafy Gael

5. mashed sweet Potatoes and Ginger

If you need a comforting side dish to go with those veggie sausages but are craving something different, why not try mashed sweet potatoes? This simple recipe requires nothing more than a few ingredients and a hand blender!

Vegan sweet potato mash
Image Credit: Vegan Chef Day

6. ultimate mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is an indulgent yet simple side dish that’s a real crowd-pleaser. This vegan version is just as good and proves that going dairy-free is easier than you may think. Enjoy this alongside your usual autumnal favorites!

Bosh Ultimate Vegan Mac and Cheese
Image Credit: BOSH!

7. Lentil and Mushroom Pie

Nothing screams comfort food more than a pie and this is yet another meal you can still indulge in as a vegan. This savory leek and mushroom pie is straightforward to make and seriously yummy to eat!

Lentil & Mushroom Pie
Image Credit: Free Spirited Kitchen

8. Chili Non Carne

Here’s a vegan autumn recipe with a bit of heat to it. Meatless Farm’s chili non carne makes for a wholesome dinner you wouldn’t even know was meat-free! This is a perfect comfort food the whole family will love.

Chilli Non Carne in a bowl
Image Credit: Meatless Farm

9. Blackberry and Apple Crumble

Blackberry and apple crumble is a must this time of year! Easily made vegan by using dairy-free margarine, this crumble is a bowl of sweet, warm goodness.

Vegan Blackberry and Apple Crumble
Image Credit: Marchpane & Medlar

10. Carrot and Cilantro Soup

No list of vegan autumn recipes would be complete without a hearty soup. Enter our creamy carrot and cilantro soup, complete with chili croutons. Rich and flavorful, this is a warming dish you can enjoy for lunch or dinner with a thick slice of sourdough bread. Yum!

Carrot and Coriander Soup
Image Credit: Soy Division Glasgow

Leaving animals off your plate doesn’t mean missing out on your favorite fall foods. If these dishes have left you feeling hungry, why not try our vegan pumpkin recipes?

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