Vegan Chef Day

I was not born into a family that had a veggie patch, cooked lentils stews or made homemade sugarfree jams. I grew up in a typical English working class home where food served one purpose – to fill you up. Nobody considered nutrition, not because they didn’t care but because they simply were not aware.

I became vegan for purely ethical reasons at age 17, over 21 years ago. I started to explore fresh unprocessed animal-free food. My change in diet had an unexpected and very wonderful side effect. For the first time I had a glimpse of pain-free food that was healthy.

But it was not until I became a personal chef, in, 2013, that I really found my groove. My food is created for people that I know, who’s preferences I have learnt, who give me feedback and appreciation. And the vibe? Let’s just say it’s a little more chilled and positive than the kitchen’s I began my chef-career in!


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