Veganuary has secured an exciting new opportunity: a supporter is offering to match all monthly gifts, pound for pound, for 12 months. You just need to set up the monthly gift, of any amount, by midnight 4th June or before we reach our target amount of £15,000 (whichever is sooner).

Since a second supporter already matches every gift Veganuary receives, this means that for every pound you donate over the next year, Veganuary will receive three.

How your gifts support our work…

  • £5 a month could help pay for vital advertising to inspire thousands more people to try vegan
  • £10 a month could help us work with some of the world’s most influential companies to introduce plant-based products
  • £25 a month could help us secure high profile media coverage, reaching new audiences with our message

Can’t commit to a monthly donation?

We totally understand! Please know that any one-off donation made by midnight 4th June will also be tripled.

Triple the donation. Triple the impact!

The time is now

Intensive farming is one of the biggest culprits of climate change, land loss and zoonotic diseases. There is another way: plant-based eating. You can help us promote vegan diets to the world. You can help prevent climate catastrophe, mass extinction and future pandemics.

There is only a small window of opportunity to take advantage of our supporter’s generosity. Only monthly gifts created by midnight 4th June, or before we reach our target amount of £15,000, will be tripled (whichever is sooner). Could you act today and help us reach our target?